Monday, January 30, 2017

The Spirit will guide us to know what to teach!

Ya' ta' hey!
This week was full of tons of finding and a lot of meetings!
Monday (as a part of Family Home Evening) we played volleyball and it was tons of fun! It was a great way to get to know some of the less-actives that we've been working with! We had a lesson with Mike after the activity and he has been reading his scriptures more and really seems to enjoy it! We talked about faith a little bit with him. It was pretty cool because we originally planned to teach him the' Gospel of Jesus Christ 'lesson and as I was studying with him in mind, I felt that he just really needed to hear specifically about faith and trust. As we talked in our companionship study, Sister Thompson had the same impression! I love having those kinds of experiences! It helps you realize that it really is the spirit and not just you!

Tuesday we were finally able to have a lesson with Precious again and the lesson really seemed to hit home. She said she would come to church on Sunday and seemed pretty sincere about it, but for whatever reason she wasn't there yesterday! :(

We also had the opportunity to teach a guy named Austin. We thought he was originally a less-active, but he's actually active, but he wants to meet with us to be able to really strengthen his faith. He loves New Zealand and wanted to learn the Haka dance and so Sister Thompson taught us a little after the lesson (I've been wanting to learn too! #foreverstrong!) 

Tuesday night we also taught Mike again because he called us and asked us if he could have another lesson...he's been really bogged down with all of his past mistakes and just really needed help! He hasn't been asking for forgiveness in his prayers because he feels unworthy. We told it to him straight. He has to ask for forgiveness! We had him say the closing prayer and we told him to ask for forgiveness in that prayer! Ever since that lesson, he's seemed a lot happier!

Wednesday we met with Manuel and we couldn't find a 3rd female to come with us so we had to have the lesson outside.  It started snowing pretty hard and we were all pretty cold, especially Manuel because he only had a thin little hoodie to keep him warm, so we had to make the lesson short. He wasn't at church yesterday unfortunately, but it was for a pretty good reason. 

Thursday we had our last lesson with Cassie.  We'll be having her mock interview tonight and her real interview on Thursday! We also met with our branch president and discussed how we can try to get the branch more involved with (and excited about) missionary work (specifically finding). 

Friday we got a new investigator named Joe! We taught the restoration and we could tell that he felt the spirit because he just looked like he was thinking: what on earth is this feeling? I've never felt this way before!
He seemed pretty excited to come to Family Home Evening (because we invited him to it) so we'll see if he comes tonight. He also seemed pretty excited to have another lesson with us so he seems pretty promising!

Saturday we had interviews with President Adams. We saw Mike yet again Saturday night and we had the chance to help him see the improvement he's made! I love being able to help people see their progression! He's pretty hard on himself so he doesn't always see the good that he does or the progress that he makes.

Sunday we got to go to Jeff's for dinner and we had delicious ribs, baked potatoes, and green beans and homemade buttermilk ranch! Yum! We had a lesson with him after we ate on Eternal Marriage. That kid seriously cracks me up! He was making jokes a lot of the time, but it was still a great lesson where the spirit was involved. 

I love you all! have a wonderful week!
Sister Brown

I found some pictures of Sister Brown that others have posted.

 Baptism Jan. 14, 2017

Baptism gathering Jan.14, 2017

Interview Day with President Adams Jan. 28th 2017

Sister Thompson, Sister Adams, Sister Brown

Christmas Devotional Dec. 21, 2016
 Farmington/Kirtland/Bloomfield Zones 

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