Monday, June 27, 2016

A Spirit Filled Week!

This week was very spirit filled! We started out the week with exchanges. Sister Holbrook and I took over Gallup for a day while Sister Cardon was on her exchange! I surprisingly didn't get lost! And we had a lesson with B__ and B__ and Holy Cow the spirit was soooooo strong! You could tell that he felt it too! He looked like he was trying to figure out what he was feeling, so if that lesson didn't spark something in him, I don't know what will!

While I was on my exchange with Sister Monson (my new Sister Trainer Leader) We had a lesson with a guy named M___, and we put him on date for baptism! Apparently they haven't been able to put anyone on date for a while! We had a lesson with the Chee's and talked about getting them to the temple as a family which means we talked about F__ and K__ baptism concerns. The spirit was so strong in that lesson as well!!! F__ as we suspected is hung up on tithing! K_ concern was way better than what we thought it was! She wants to be baptized but wants to be completely sure that she is making the right decision before she does...she knows its a huge step! We are glad that she wants to be sure, and so we encouraged both of them to pray about it! Oh also they had recently gone on a trip and brought us back these beautiful paintings of our names made with animals...I'll send a picture! 

At district meeting this week I gave a Role-play on how to apply all of the points in "Our Commission" so that was cool! 

We met with N_ and B__ this week too! N_ is so stellar! Oh my goodness, I just love her! She was talking with B_ about how she feels when she prays and then reads the Book of Mormon and she described it as a warm blanket being put around her on a cold day...she said she had no idea how else to describe it! Also they came to First ward! They usually go to 2nd! The last lesson that we had with them was on temples and family history and B_ wants to be baptized for his uncle that passed on! So that was awesome!

We tracked into some Mexicans who spoke both Spanish and English, but their English was a little broken and they tried to make us think that they couldn't speak any English at all but we could tell that they did! haha, its funny to see what people try to do to get missionaries to leave...we didn't leave...they accepted Book of Mormons from us, then later we gave them a Spanish copy!

Oh and I tried Spam for the first time this week! A member gave it to us because somehow we got talking about spam and I mentioned that I'd never had it before so he gave me some to wasn't too was bacon flavored spam so maybe that's why, but I fried it up and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be!

Mission President Adams and wife,
 Sister Brown and Sister Cardon Taken at Sister's Conference
There was a random shoe decoration....we had fun!

Sister Cardon cut my hair again!

Captain America with the Nephites HAHA!
When missionaries get Board!
There's a black spot on our kitchen floor
that looks like a chili pepper!

The apron Sister Nelson gave us!

The sky was pretty!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Sister Missionary Conference

This week has been full of Miracles, taking fun pics and putting together an apostate puzzle (haha, for missionaries I mean)
The temperature has been pretty warm lately! I don't mind too much allows me to work on my tan so that I can look like a real native american and not just claim to be part native! lol jk!

As far as exercises go, I do kinda the same thing every day, so it would be nice to change it up a bit...for some reason we stopped running every morning...too lazy I guess! haha, I try to stay on my push-ups though...and I've been doing well with Self-defense too! Apparently I catch on quickly!

Our investigator N___ is doing so great! She came to church for an hour yesterday and she is planning her wedding!!!! She is thinking about possibly getting married and baptized on the same day! We think B___ has started reading more, we haven't had a chance to actually visit with them after our lesson on spiritual CPR (Church, Prayer and Reading) but we are hoping that he is now doing those things! 

The orange pie recipe was actually in a cook book that was left in our cottage! We originally were going to take a lemon Meringue pie recipe and change it up a little but then we found an actual recipe!

We started off the week by going to a Sister missionary conference where all of the sister missionaries in the mission met at the mission office and had some speakers talk to us, and we went on a walk in the morning, and got to know some other sisters that we'd never met before! It was pretty fun and spiritual at the same time! 

Sister missionary hike. I am in the top right corner.

Sister Missionary Conference

I am in the middle a little to the left. My hair is in a pony tail.

We had zone training on Thursday and sister Cardon and I gave a role play on daily contact and we related it to baking! It made things fun and the missionaries seemed to be more excited about it instead of doing just the typical role play! 

We also had one of our investigators this week that we realized we are going to have to step back a lot and go to the basics, because he doesn't not have a belief in God but he doesn't really have a belief in him that's a little of a set back!
But on the upside we found a new investigator who seems like she is so ready for the gospel!

We also helped a widow clean out one of her closets and she gave us a cute little apron that she made forever ago! 

Love you all
Sister Brown

Monday, June 13, 2016

We made an Orange Pie!

This week has been pretty good! We had a fantastic District meeting this week where the spirit was just so strong! 

We also have an investigator that we picked up at the end of last week who is just stellar! She hasn't come to church yet, but she is just Devouring the Book of Mormon! She is B___ girlfriend (Did I tell you about him last week?) He has been coming to church but not really reading the Book of Mormon. Its crazy to see just how much of a difference the Book of Mormon makes in a person's progression! B___is seriously lacking in faith even though he's come to church and N___(his girlfriend) on the other hand hasn't come to church yet, but is reading the Book of Mormon a lot and is progressing soooooo much! She has so much faith! Unfortunately B___ talked himself out of getting baptized this month! He still wants to get baptized but is not willing to get married in time to do so...He has a back-ground that is not very good so if he gets married to N___ he will then have to be put on the lease for their apt. and they will get evicted because of his background...he doesn't have the faith that all will work out if he follows the law of chastity and its frustrating because N___ has the faith that it will work out, but he just doesn't! 

We had to drop an Investigator this week that so desperately needs the gospel in her life, but she's not willing to act or work for it! It's difficult to see/do, but the Elect are out there, so we can't be wasting precious time on someone who isn't willing to keep commitments.

I had a Navajo Burger this week which is basically just a normal burger, but with fri-bread as the buns instead...its was really good...but interesting too!

We also had lunch with the Chee's this week! We made an orange pie and it was hilarious to see brother Chee loving it so much considering he was the one that totally joked about an orange pie the week before!

We are teaching an 11 year old girl right now and she is so stellar too! She is reading the Book of Mormon and loving it! She answered the questions in the back of the pamphlets that we gave her....NO ONE DOES THOSE!!!! And we didn't even tell her that she had to or anything either!

Kobe Chee got the Priesthood on Sunday!!!! oh also he said "Hi Jenny Brown" and it totally threw me off guard! He of course did it on purpose to see my reaction...he found out my name because we gave them a beautiful picture of Christ and wrote notes on the back and we decided to sign it with our real names as well so that they could friend us on Facebook or whatever for when we go home.

Oh yea and I made a little plan of Salvation kit to use for lessons...its come in very handy!
Glad to hear you are all doing well! I love you all
Sister Brown!
Plan of Salvation Kit

 I found some beat up plastic glasses frames on our way to an apt!
Thank goodness I don't have to wear glasses cuz...eww

 I'm getting pretty tan...rocking the watch tan line!

 A pretty sun set

Monday, June 6, 2016

Hike and bonfire with the youth!

This week was Great! It got pretty hot here! 97 one of the days and probably hotter! luckily it's dry heat!  I'm starting to get a nice tan on though! 

We had our last exchanges for the transfer this past week where sister Cardon went with sister Breakall and I went back to Gallup with Sister Deim (first time in Gallup without my companion! So that was interesting trying to figure out where everyone lives...because she always drives) We did a lot of knocking (sister Deim and I) and We found a new less-active to teach because of it! 

Wednesday after switching back, sister Cardon and I went to mutual with the youth because we are trying to build stronger relationships with the ward in general, but especially with the youth and hoping to be able to take some of the youth with us to lessons! For Mutual we went on a hike and had a bonfire and roasted hot-dogs and marshmallows! 

We found quite a few new investigators this week, one of whom is so interested that we put him on date for baptism in the first lesson! He said he was excited to come to church (although he didn't show up on Sunday! not sure why yet) We did however have 6 of our investigators attend church this week! 

We also had dinner with Deb once again (we have dinner with her at least once a week!) She makes me laugh...she gives us challenges that make us better missionaries! She challenged us this week to write in our journal every single day and to also make sure that the Book of Mormons that we hand out are actually wanted! 

We had Dinner with the Chee's! They are seriously like my favorites ever! We were talking about pie and what our favorite kind was and Brother Chee (who we are hoping to get baptized sometime this month) was like have you ever had orange pie!? and we were like....uh, no...didn't know that was a thing! and He just busted up laughing, he's never had it either! So we are going to attempt to make some sort of orange pie this week and bring it to him! lol!

I listened to an awesome talk this week by Diana Holsher called "The Missionary Next Door" Its really good and funny too! I Challenge you to listen to/read it and apply at least one of the points from it! The missionaries will love you if you do! 

Saturday we tried tracting at the Flee Market and it is just not effective! But Sister Cardon and I got matching rings out of I suppose it wasn't all in vain! 

Love you all!!!!
Sister Brown!

Sister Brown and Sister Cardon on a Hike and Bonfire with the Youth

Thursday, June 2, 2016

3 Baptism!

Sister Chee and the twins got Baptized on Saturday!!!!!!!! Sister Chee sent a text that said something like: "Sisters I think I'm ready...tithing will be tough, but I'll give it a try..."Oh my goodness that was such a happy day for us!

I had exchanges just once this week with Sister Breakall who is actually my sister training leader! She is pretty great! For the first half of the day though I was with her companion Sister Deim (yes the same one from the MTC) and a bunch of our appointments cancelled and so we went knocking and we came across a lady who mentioned that she wasn't interested but her daughter might be, but she wouldn't be back until later that night. Well I wrote down the address and I didn't put much thought into it afterward. Then when I was with Sister Breakall that evening we went to the same neighborhood that we had been in earlier to teach someone else and that appointment cancelled on us right then and there so we tried another house in the same neighborhood that they have been teaching and they couldn't have a lesson at that time either. We went back to the truck and on our way back to the truck I remembered and told Sister Breakall about it and so she said, sure, why not we'll give it a try! So we did and the daughter was surprised that her mother would say she was interested but she let us in anyway and holy cow...this lady is golden!!! She just got out of prison a few weeks back and she has been searching for truth and trying different religions, and trying to turn her life around! We taught her the restoration and gave her a Book of fact she asked for it before we could offer! She is seriously so ready for the gospel right now! I'm just sad that I met her while on exchanges, because that means I don't get to teach her! :( but talk about a miracle!

Oh so back tracking a little! The Chee's got interviewed for baptism on Wednesday and Sister Chee...haha, the little stinker...came out of her interview and we asked her how it went, and she was like....I guess I need more lessons...   We were like: oh.....  We had no idea what to say or do! Then she busts up laughing and was like "just kidding!"
This week was so good! mostly full of getting the Chees completely ready for baptism!
Love you all so much!
Sister brown