Monday, July 24, 2017

Zone Conference/service/Tomahawk/funeral!

Ya' ta' hey!
Our week went by really fast! 
On Monday we had a great lesson with Scott Cox about pioneers. We invited him to come to our Ward Pioneer Activity that is tonight at 6. 

Tuesday we helped out with a funeral. I had to say the opening prayer! I was a little nervous I'm not going to lie. I've never said a prayer at a funeral before. Plus I didn't even know the lady or her family, but it went well and it was actually a really good funeral! I felt so much love for the family even though I didn't even know them!

Wednesday we had Zone Conference, which was amazing as always! I got to see Sister Darlington! We were also able to find 2 new investigators that night!

Thursday we had interviews with President Adams. We also did a fun referral activity with a wonderful family here (the Smiths) and it went really well! We are excited to be working with them and their non-member friends!

Friday we helped clean Judy Martin's house a little bit and she had some pretty neat native things and so we had a little fun. She also gave me an old native tomahawk, which she insisted that I take!

Saturday we had Exchanges. I was with Sister Hughes for the day. We did some service for a member and tried some part-member families with the Wuthriches (the senior couple here) and Sister Wuthrich almost got eaten by a dog! It was terrifying! luckily it didn't actually harm her at all, but he sure tried!

Sunday we got to sub in primary for singing time! It was fun! 

I love you all! I hope you have a wonderful week!
Sister Brown
Me and Sister Darlington at Zone Conference

Having fun with Sister Martin's native stuff!

Elder Wuthrich with the native hat

Monday, July 17, 2017

Finding more people to teach!

Ya' ta' hey!!!!
Sister Anderson and I have been running A TON, and we've made it a goal to lose some weight together since we both gained some on our missions. I ran 3 miles on Saturday in about 40 minutes and Sister Anderson just ran 7 miles this morning! We've been loving it! 

This week has gone by sooooo fast!!! It was really good! Where to even start! 
We finally found a new investigator this week for the first time this whole entire transfer!!!! We've been doing more finding than we ever have and are finally starting to see some sort of a result from it! 

Monday we saw Scott Cox for a lesson and it went really well! We committed him to read the talk "put the Savior 1st" from this months ensign because it had to do with what we were talking about and I invite you to read it too! It is seriously life changing!

I had a wonderful exchange with Sister Whipple on Tuesday! It was kinda a CRAZY day running from appointment to appointment, but it was really good and pretty spirit filled!
I can't even remember all of what happened this week, but Jason Morgan came to church yet again! 3 times in a row! Wooohooo! 

We had a really good meeting with Bishop and our ward mission leader about how we can help the ward become more missionary minded and his whole perspective on us has really changed! He seems to trust us a lot and we Feel like the work here will just boom!
Lets see...We also made fry bread this week! It was delicious! And we took some fun pictures in the rain yesterday! ....."don't look around, look up and drink it!"

I love you all! have a great week!

Sister Brown

Sister Anderson and I were making a meal for a family in need! I made Peach, raspberry, plum Pies


Looking for mail!
~haha, not really! Its brother Venegas's mail box...its just HUGE!
We made fry bread

"Don't look around...look up and drink it!"


We went fishing last Preparation day!

Monday, July 10, 2017

4th of July week!

This week flew by! I can't even remember half of what has happend! It sounds like you've been having the same heat that we've been having! 

Monday we Saw Scott and took Bishop out with us to his lesson and It went really well! Bishop's mindset of missionary work seems to have really changed (in a good way) since that lesson! 

We saw Jason Morgan this week on the 4th and He came to church again this week! Kay is still on date for baptism for the 29th, although we might have to move it...she might need some more time. She got a blessing again and it really seemed to help her, but She still has her tough days.

On the fourth, we also sticky-note attacked people's doors (people who we know of course) with scriptures about liberty and freedom and what-not and then that night we went to dinner with the senior couple here as well as 1st ward sisters and watched the fireworks from our house when we got in for the night.

We stopped by a less-active lady named Gay (bishop told us to go see her) and she terrified us at first, but we just listened to her and asked her questions about herself and by the end her whole demeanor changed! She was thanking us for coming over and said that next time we could talk scripture....she also said "don't give up on me!" 

We saw Ken this week and he has this scorpion knife ring that we got to try on! His lesson went really well! He had read 14 chapters in the Book of Mormon since last week!!!! and he came to all 3 hours of church this week....which I don't know that he's ever done that!!!
It was a pretty great week

I love you all and hope you have a great week!
Sister Brown

We sticky-note attacked people's doors

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Walking a lot!

Our week was fabulous! We've been walking and have had many opportunities arise from it that we wouldn't otherwise have. One day as we were walking main street we ran into a couple from England and I could relate to them on a lot of things because of Dailen's mission and they had been up to Glacier National Park too! They might go back to England and meet with missionaries there, because of our encounter! 

Monday night and almost all day Tuesday, I was with the 1st ward Sisters because Sister Anderson had to go to Mission Leader Counsel in Farmington along with the 3rd ward sisters. We had lots of fun together and a lot of Great work got done! 1st ward was able to get 2 new investigators that day! We also did some tracting and we completely changed a woman's view on Mormons! She was pretty cold at first and then realized that we weren't just robots and her whole countenance changed! She didn't want to learn more, but still!

We Saw Jason Morgan for a couple lessons this week and he actually came to church for the first time in years!!!! We have been running into tons of people that Sister Anderson is somehow distantly related to, Its been quite comical! We had a great lesson with Ken this week and he came to church as usual, but actually stayed for the 2nd hour this time!!!

Saturday we did some service for the McFarlands and got some pictures with their horses.
Sunday was a great day! I love having the opportunity to testify in front of the ward and to reflect on my own of the things that I know to be true! After we got in for the night we were able to take some fun 4th of July Pictures too! I'm sending some to ya'll!

I love you all! have a wonderful week!
Sister Brown

Me and My companion Sister Anderson

Monday, June 26, 2017

It's time to roll up your sleeves and fight!

One thing that I've learned this week is that Satan's power is soooo real! He seems to do all that he can to drag you down, but I also know that Heavenly Father is fighting harder for you! I know that Guardian angels are placed around us to give us strength! We are truly fighting a real unseen battle, and its time for all of us to roll up the sleeves and fight!

Sister Anderson and I were MTC companions and it's been incredible for us both to see the changes that have happened since the MTC! When I went to pick up Sister Anderson I got to see Sister Darlington! It was so exciting to see some one from Kalispell!

Sister Anderson and I have decided to walk A-TON! We find that it gives us unforeseen opportunities!
We've been working so hard this week, and we were able to get Kay Goodman on date for baptism for July 29th! Robert and Jerry are still going strong! 

Sister Anderson has seriously been an answer to prayers! We are doing everything we can to help the ward become more missionary minded. Sister Anderson really seems to be what this ward needs right now! She's full of many ideas as to how to get that going!

I love you all soooooo much! Have a fabulous week!
Sister Jenny Brown

Me and Sister Anderson

My new (old MTC) Companion sister Anderson

A real cowboy

Shay and Sienna

Fishing Monday Morning

Monday, June 19, 2017

Transfers! Sister Garner is going home and Sister Anderson is my new companion. I'm excited!

The man with the beard is one of my favorite people on the PLANET! His name is Robert Vanegas and he is one of our returning members. I feel that he is one of the people that I was sent here for! He might look intimidating, but he's really just a big teddy bear! 

My new Companion is Sister Anderson...yep the same one I was companions with in the Mission Training Center! I'm so excited for this transfer! It's going to be so great serving with her again!

This week was actually kinda slow, but really good! It was Sister Garner's last week, so there were definitely tears shed on both of our parts!

We saw Jason Morgan again this week and he's doing better with his prayers and scripture study it seems! We also saw Scott and his daughter and his daughter is sitting in when we meet with Scott so that's great!...New investigator!!!

We are now teaching a cute 10 year old named Jori. She's doing really well and on date for baptism for Aug.12th!
We got to see Robert as well! Which always makes my day and/or week! 

We had dinner with Jerry and Marty (part member Family!) Saturday night and they made us some delicious Mexican soup! Sunday We got to have dinner with the Jorgensens for Fathers Day! We love their family!!!

I had a fever last night and am not feeling too well today hence the shorter email and probably less enthusiasm!
I hope you all have a wonderful week! I love you all!
Sister Brown

Sister Garner and Sister Brown

Me, Robert Vanegas, Sister Garner

Me being silly, Sister Garner
Cortez, Colorado Zone Conference

Cortez Colorado Sisters at Zone Conference

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Belief and Faith need to be Aligned in order for miracles to happen!

This week has been pretty good! 

We have a new investigator, although he knows all about the church...he was excommunicated so he technically is an investigator, but it's more like teaching a less-active. 
On Tuesday we helped a member paint her house and it was lots of fun! 

Wednesday we had Zone Conference and it was all about finding. We learned a lot about the difference between faith and belief too and how our Belief needs to be aligned with our faith so that miracles can happen!
      For example I might have faith that my wrist can be healed the same way Christ would have healed it as he 
      was on the earth. I don't necessarily believe that it can happen for me or I believe that regardless of receiving 
      a blessing that it will still take time to heal. Why couldn't it be healed immediately the way that Christ healed 
      others? That same priesthood power is here on the earth today...It is because of unbelief. Our belief and faith
      need to be aligned for miracles to happen.

We saw Tim, One of our investigators after that and had a really great lesson on the restoration with him! The spirit was pretty strong and he accepted a baptism date! He wants to shoot for April 15th of next year, but we have no doubt that it will get moved up as he begins to have a real conversion. 

All of our people we are visiting are falling apart! One broke his leg the other day! Another is having kidney problems and another feels that he is worth nothing! It's sooooo sad!

Friday we saw Ken and it went pretty well, He hasn't come to church the last couple of weeks though :/

We saw Jason (a Less Active) on Saturday and he seems to be progressing! 

Yesterday Jerry got a calling!!!! That was sooo exciting! Another proud missionary moment right there! And we got to see Robert again yesterday for a lesson! He is doing sooooo well!
It's been a great week! I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!
Sister Brown

 Cortez District Preparation Day activity - The Anasazi Heritage Center Sister Brown is in the Blue June 12, 2017

Making cookies to give away to people. (May 2017)

Sister Brown's favorite cookies! Chocolate no-bake! (May 2017)

Sister Brown and Sister Garner
I laugh every time we drive past this sign! Haha!

We went on a hike to Hovenweep

Hovenweep Hike!
Sister Garner and I during the hike to Hovenweep

Sign at Hovenweep

This is a HUGE spinach leaf!

Mothers Day we heart attacked people! Had tons of fun
Wendy's frosty's and fries!

Wendy's got it right! True doctrine! Except they need the temple ordinances for that.