Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Started walking so we could meet more people!

Ya' ta' hey!
Here seriously feels like spring and I forget that it's still snowing there! I hope you stay safe on the roads!

I forgot to tell you last week that the missionary Schedule changed! You might know about it, but in case you don't, we now do daily planning in the morning instead of the evening and it's designed now to be more flexible so that we can use our agency more. Studies don't have to start exactly at 8 and companionship study can be at any time of the day now. We still have to be in by 9/9:30 but we can basically go right to bed instead of having to plan for the next day. I really like it! 

This week was full of hard work! Sister Thompson and I decided to do more walking since you can't really talk to people when you are in a car and I rather like it! Not a lot happened during the week other than lots of walking/street contacting/less-active finding etc. but the lessons that we did have went pretty well! We found another less-active to teach! 

Cassie passed her baptismal interview! She's getting baptized this weekend!!! :)

Precious finally made it to church this week after we had a lesson with her on Friday where we really focused on the temple and helped her set her sights to it! This week was stake conference actually and it was really good! Elder Arnold (of the seventy) came and spoke in both sessions and, wow, that man and his wife are sooo funny! 

We had a mission tour with him and his wife yesterday (which is kinda like a zone conference, but with someone from higher up in the church) ...that's why preparation day is today instead of yesterday!
The mission tour was really good! Very spiritually draining, but the spirit that was felt was incredible! Elder Arnold has an incredible testimony and soooooooo much faith!

We were also able to get a new investigator on Sunday after church! His name is Robert and he seems to have a lot of potential! After all he's been coming to church for the last month on his own (after being invited the first time by a co-worker)! (We kept trying to get a lesson set-up with him, but he never knew his schedule, and he didn't have a phone either, so Sunday we decided to try and corner him with our ward-mission leader and one of his member friends and see if we could meet with him right after church and it worked! :)

I hope y'all have a wonderful week!
Sister Brown

We went bowling last preparation day!

Sister Thompson

I lost horribly! haha....someone's got to lose, it might as well be me!

This tree is strange! It kinda looks like a giant tumble weed!
or a dried up, dead willow tree thought this was hilarious!

A member bought us Jimmy Johns and this is
one of the tables that they had in the restaurant.

Fun pictures with Kammie!...#compgoaltotakeapictureaday!

Sister Thompson wrote "Happy 10 Month Sister Jenny Brown!"
I can't believe it's been 10 months!!!

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