Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Daily Miracles!

Ya' te' hey!
My week was soooo good and flew by, but at the same time it seems like the things that happened this week were ages ago!....mission time is weird.

The Branch fast is going great! We've been seeing little miracles every single day and this past Sunday the sign up sheet got completely filled! My fast is going pretty well. A lot of the things on my list I've already improved on and so its been great!

This week we were finally able to see Manuel. He's still trying to pick himself up after all that's been going on in his life.

We had exchanges this week and I got to be in Kirtland (no...not Ohio) for a day with Sister Elwood. Unfortunately that means that I missed institute and meeting with Austin. That was our last lesson with him because he's going back to Albuquerque, he did give us a referral though! :)

Thursday night we had dinner with our branch mission leader (we found out latter that he got engaged to his girlfriend a few days after) #YSAproblems.

Friday we were finally able to see Joe again, we didn't have time for a full on lesson but we were at least able to re-schedule and talk to him after what seems like forever! 

Saturday was kinda funny, we were doing some tracting and found out that where we were tracting is where our district leader and his companions live...haha. Later that night we were trying some people in the 3rd ward area (the area of the AP's who are the other elders that are in our district) and we ran into them. To make it even funnier, we were knocking on the same floor of these apartment complexes, just on the other end. After no one answered we went on to try someone else in the next apt complex over. The next thing we know the elders are right behind us once again trying someone on the same floor just on opposite ends! Haha #StalkingTheDistric all day Saturday! The Young Single Adults is definitely a different experience considering everyone else's area is also our own.

Yesterday we had dinner with Kammie! We had taco soup and it was delicious! and we were able to have a lesson with Thomeson! He opened up a lot more this time and he is going to work towards the temple! :)

I hope you all have the most wonderful week!
Sister Brown

On Exchange with Sister Elwood.

         Fun awkward hugs after companion prayers are the best!

Daily Miracle #'s (Hashtags)
A little background on this: I think it was Monday night, as we were saying companionship prayers the idea popped in my head that we should text a daily miracle to the district leader with a # or two. Well, We decided to make it a daily thing and now they text one back and the other Elders in our district text the district leader too and then he forwards the miracles to us! We really liked a lot of the #'s so we decided to make a wall with the daily #'s! It helps us recognize Heavenly Father's hand in our day and helps us become more unified as well! I love it!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Through the hard times, you have the opportunity to be refined and turned into something better!

Ya' Ta' Hey!
My week was crazy! I always try to make my emails sound cheery and happy because you don't need to hear about all of the negative stuff, plus who wants to remember them anyway. People always make missions sound like they are nothing but fun and success. Can I just be real for a second...Life is hard, It's not always fun and happy, its full of trials, ups and downs. My week was hard, but I am grateful for it! Through a mission, through the hard times, you have the opportunity to be refined, polished and turned into something better. Life isn't always happy or easy, even with the gospel, but it is always worth it!  When you turn everything over to God, and I mean everything: your wants, wishes and desires, the good as well as the bad, You begin to truly see outside yourself and look at the greater picture. Heavenly Father knows what is best, even when we don't. When you truly love your Father in Heaven more than anything or anyone else, you begin to truly see what is important...his will and not yours! 
I won't go into details of my hardships, because that's not what's important, the important things are the growth that has been made and the over all outcome and refinement of it all!

Know that I am soooo grateful for a Father in Heaven who cares! I truly love him more than life! I am so Grateful for the priesthood and for worthy men who hold it. To you worthy priesthood holders: Thank you, I mean really thank you for being worthy of God's power, to bless the lives of others! 

Miracles still happen! God lives and he cares, truly cares about each and every person! Trust him, rely on him and he will make you more than you can ever make of yourself!

Our branch started a 40 day fast for missionary work (a different branch member fasts for one day, for 40 consecutive days) and it will be over the Friday before General Conference. Sister Thompson and I decided to also do our own 40 day fasts, but not from food instead it will be from things that poke at the spirit. There are sure to be miracles this transfer, not only with-in missionary work, but with-in ourselves as well! I am excited to see where the Lord takes us!

I love you all so very much! Have a wonderful week!
Sister Brown

Sister Thompson, Cassie's Baptism, Sister Brown
Made Breakfast for my companion.

Gave Kammie a smoothie and cookies

Washed dishes for this family
We painted prayer rocks.

We helped carry in dinner with some members. 

Sister Thompson made my bed.

Sister Thompson made me a Planner cover.

We gave Cassie cookies

Mission Tour with Elder Arnold. I am 3rd person on the left 2nd row up.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

A goal for 23 acts of Service in a day!

Ya' te' hey!
We had a really nice sunny week until Sunday and today it's snowing. 
This week flew by! Probably because preparation day was on TuesdayTuesday night we got to teach Austin again and he is doing soooo well! He is preparing for a mission and had a lot of questions! The spirit was very strong in that lesson and it was incredible!

Wednesday was Sister Thompson's 23rd Birthday and I made her breakfast! She wanted to do 23 acts of service on her birthday to help her stay turning outward to others. We only were able to get 8, but oh well. I loved the Idea and I think I'll do the same for my birthday (only it will be 21).

We had a lesson with Cassie Wednesday night about the temple again just to help her focus her sights on the temple since that is her next step! Also that night we had dinner with some of the Young Single Adults and we gave them 8 minutes to make a list of every non-member they know and have known. We then all got down on our knees and prayed and asked Heavenly Father who on their lists are ready for the gospel. We sat for another 8 to 10 minutes and they put a check-mark next to those that they felt prompted to do so. We will be following up with them to see if they contacted any of those people (because that's what we committed them to do). This was one of the things that we learned from Elder Arnold when he came! The Assistants had already started it (because they got to spend a little time with Elder Arnold before the mission tour) and they have found a lot of success through it already!

Thursday we met a new less-active named Jessen who wants to get back into the church. She's really nice and likes a lot of the same things that I do. We also went to go do some family history with Cassie, but the Family History Center was closed because the building was being  deep cleaned for the week :(

Friday we got a new investigator named Brandi! Mike brought her to stake conference last Sunday and introduced us afterward. We then set up an appointment and got to teach her this Friday! I love her already! She is excited to learn more, and loves the idea of eternal families. She also loves that we focus not just on Christ's death, but also his life (because she asked why we don't have the crucifix)!

Saturday was Cassie's baptism!!!!! It was such a good baptism and I know that she loved it and felt the spirit because she gave me the biggest hug afterwards! (and normally her hugs are pretty soft). We also got to spend some time with her family afterward and I really like them. They are not really interested, but they are supportive of Cassie!

Yesterday, (Sunday) we saw Thomeson for a lesson (as well as at church!). We taught him all about eternal marriage...which is always interesting teaching considering I haven't gone through that yet.

We also got to have a lesson with a girl named Morgan who is one of those people that the Assistants to the president got from that list activity that they had done with some members. It was a little different because we were with the family who referred her and the Assistant's were there too. We felt a lot of pressure, but it went really well!

I love you all! Hagoonee!

Sister Brown

Sister Brown, Grace Craig, Sister Thompson
The sisters ate at this members family's home and taught
 their friends a sweet lesson.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Started walking so we could meet more people!

Ya' ta' hey!
Here seriously feels like spring and I forget that it's still snowing there! I hope you stay safe on the roads!

I forgot to tell you last week that the missionary Schedule changed! You might know about it, but in case you don't, we now do daily planning in the morning instead of the evening and it's designed now to be more flexible so that we can use our agency more. Studies don't have to start exactly at 8 and companionship study can be at any time of the day now. We still have to be in by 9/9:30 but we can basically go right to bed instead of having to plan for the next day. I really like it! 

This week was full of hard work! Sister Thompson and I decided to do more walking since you can't really talk to people when you are in a car and I rather like it! Not a lot happened during the week other than lots of walking/street contacting/less-active finding etc. but the lessons that we did have went pretty well! We found another less-active to teach! 

Cassie passed her baptismal interview! She's getting baptized this weekend!!! :)

Precious finally made it to church this week after we had a lesson with her on Friday where we really focused on the temple and helped her set her sights to it! This week was stake conference actually and it was really good! Elder Arnold (of the seventy) came and spoke in both sessions and, wow, that man and his wife are sooo funny! 

We had a mission tour with him and his wife yesterday (which is kinda like a zone conference, but with someone from higher up in the church) ...that's why preparation day is today instead of yesterday!
The mission tour was really good! Very spiritually draining, but the spirit that was felt was incredible! Elder Arnold has an incredible testimony and soooooooo much faith!

We were also able to get a new investigator on Sunday after church! His name is Robert and he seems to have a lot of potential! After all he's been coming to church for the last month on his own (after being invited the first time by a co-worker)! (We kept trying to get a lesson set-up with him, but he never knew his schedule, and he didn't have a phone either, so Sunday we decided to try and corner him with our ward-mission leader and one of his member friends and see if we could meet with him right after church and it worked! :)

I hope y'all have a wonderful week!
Sister Brown

We went bowling last preparation day!

Sister Thompson

I lost horribly! haha....someone's got to lose, it might as well be me!

This tree is strange! It kinda looks like a giant tumble weed!
or a dried up, dead willow tree thought this was hilarious!

A member bought us Jimmy Johns and this is
one of the tables that they had in the restaurant.

Fun pictures with Kammie!...#compgoaltotakeapictureaday!

Sister Thompson wrote "Happy 10 Month Sister Jenny Brown!"
I can't believe it's been 10 months!!!