Monday, January 16, 2017

I know that the power of God is real and that Christ's atonement can heal anything!

Ya' ta' hey!
This week was pretty eventful with Antonio's baptism and confirmation finishing up the week quite nicely.
We started off the week with exchanges in Kirtland.   Both me and my companion went to Kirtland at the same time and double worked the area with the other sisters. I guess that's how president Adams wants it done now. It was a lot of fun especially since my Sister Trainer Leader is Sister Anderson (my MTC companion). 
I and Sister Anderson had the chance to feed the animals of one of the less-active's.

Wednesday, we were able to see Precious! She talked to her boss and he said she can have Sunday mornings off so that she can come to church!!! Unfortunately she didn't come to church yesterday, but hopefully next week! We were also able to have a lesson with Cassie that went really well.  We found a great fellow-shipper for her named Robert and the funny thing with YSA is that your intentions are simply to help them have someone that they can feel comfortable with at church and activities and whatnot...your not trying to play match-maker, but that's what happens anyway! Needless to say Robert thinks we are doing a fantastic job at missionary work!

Thursday we had a lesson with Jeff and we talked to him about a patriarchal blessing and we didn't have to commit him to get one, he asked how he would go about getting one instead! He is doing so well! I am soooooo proud of that kid!

Friday we saw Craig Smith a returning less-active and he's doing pretty well. He's basically re-activating himself, but we are there just to help a little. In fact this week to help him with his evening prayers I've been making a prayer rock for him. I really like how it turned out! I kinda want to keep it for myself but I know that I don't really need it.

Saturday was Antonio's baptism! It was a little stressful considering we were on our way to fill the font (running a little late already) when we realized we forgot the keys to the font at the house, so we had to turn back to grab them and didn't end up getting to the church until about 8:30 and his baptism was at 10. Antonio had to get baptized in less-than-warm water in fact it was cold water.  The first words that he said after being dunked was woooh, that was cold.  Also Antonio showed up at 10:10 for his baptism (even though we told him to be there at 9:30) so everyone was there waiting for him when he got there which means we didn't get to take pictures with him in his baptismal outfit but we got pictures after instead since it was already starting late. I am so happy for him! That kid is fantastic!

He got confirmed yesterday! I asked him how it felt when they said "receive the Holy Ghost" and he said that he didn't know how to describe it, but that it felt different and good! 

Sunday we saw Thomeson at church for all 3 hours! And then also for a lesson after! We talked to him about patriarchal blessings and he really wants one!  He is doing sooo awesome! I'm going to be making a prayer rock for him too since he struggles with evening prayers as well.

We saw Roman yesterday and he was not doing well at all. He's been going through some big emotional and physical struggles and to make things worse he has stopped reading and praying! I felt prompted to tell him that If he simply reads even just one verse a day then his struggle would be done with by the end of the week! I have never felt so prompted to promise something like that! I texted him that promise after our lesson because he kinda just cut us off and ended it.  I knew that he had to hear that promise and so I hope that he really follows through because I know that the power of God is real and that Christ's atonement can heal anything! We just have to be willing to give ourselves to him and let him take the pain. 

I love you all have a fantastic week!
Sister Brown

Feeding pets of a less active

Me and Sister Anderson 

Me, Sister Anderson, Sister Elwood, Sister Thompson

Sister Thompson and I driving to an appointment!

Making Fry bread 

Antonio passed his Baptism interview!

Antonio's baptism 

Prayer rock  I made for Craig

Walking dogs from the shelter for service!

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