Monday, January 23, 2017

I love being a missionary! That I get the privileged of feeling a fraction of what Heavenly Father feels!

Ya' ta' hey!
This week was pretty exhausting! Missionary work is usually pretty draining, but this week was even more so. I was able to really feel a little more of what Heavenly Father feels for each of his children though! 

We really focused on finding this week and even though we didn't find any new investigators or less-actives we have a few that are some great potentials for this up-coming week. 

All the people that we are working with are progressing but a lot of them are having a lot of personal struggles and I have been able to feel just the slightest extent of what Jesus Christ feels for all of us, meaning that I care about them so much that it hurts me to see them hurt. I obviously don't know what it's like to have children, but I would imagine that the way I care about these people is the way that a parent would for a child.

We had the opportunity to teach Cassie this week and she is beyond Golden! She has been full on studying her scriptures and writing down questions that she wants to pray about! She has also been coming to Family Home Evening, institute, and even going to the old folks on Sundays with the branch to do a little 30 minute sacrament meeting with them! She is right on track for her baptism on Feb. 11th!

Mike came to church yesterday for the second time! :) He only ended up staying for the first hour though! :(
Jeff has been doing really well although he didn't come to church yesterday :( not sure why.
Manuel came to church yesterday and he stayed for all 3 hours! :) he also stayed for mingle (a little snack and chat) after church! He got a priesthood blessing as well since he has been going through a difficult time. 

Saturday we went over to Antonio's for dinner with him, his Girlfriend and a few others from the branch. We had a pretty fun dinner conversation. It reminded me a little of being in the Young Single Adults branch at home, just having a blast and laughing a lot! We had a lesson after with Antonio and he is still doing pretty well! We taught him about the priesthood again since that is his next step!

Thomeson is doing soooooo well! he's been reading his scriptures every day and doing better on both his morning and night prayers. He only missed one day this week! I might not have to make him a prayer rock after all!

I love being a missionary! Even though it can be quite spiritually exhausting/draining it is worth it. I love that I get the privileged of feeling a fraction of what Heavenly Father feels! 

I love you all! Have a fantastic week!
Sister Brown

Beautiful Sunset

Sister Thompson, Me, Nakhia and the cool, ghetto truck!


Sister Thompson and I Making Snow Angels!

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