Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Teaming up with the Lord!

Ya tah hee!
Since Halloween is on a preparation day we proselyted for 3 hours this morning and will be having preparation day the rest of the day since we have to be in by 6:00 tonight!
Who said Missionaries couldn't dress up!
 #SnowWhite #MinnieMouse

Wednesday we had zone conference which of course is always soooooo good! We saw our recent convert, Daniel that night and guess what...he didn't say a pick-up line this time! Darn! He did have a cheesy joke though: 

"I had some crab legs in the kitchen earlier and I thought about sharing, but instead I decided to be shellfish!" haha!

I do still have a pick-up line for you this week though (its one that Daniel said before I got here, but Sister Ford told me about it). Its...
"Hey Kammie, I think you should talk to President Frost about your Word of wisdom problem....cuz your smoking!" haha! 

Thursday was another very busy day full of appointments! Days like that are the best! Oh and Friday our ward mission leader got engaged! #onlyinYSA! So we will probably be getting a new one with-in the next few months.

Friday there was a pumpkin carving activity but we only got to be there for a little bit before we had to head off to an appointment, but one of our newer investigators, Nate showed up to it!

Saturday at 2:00 in the morning we got a text from Nate saying "Read Nephi!"....He has been a new investigator for about a week or two and he is already all the way through Nephi!...of course he said he was re-reading it because he didn't comprehend a lot of it! haha!

Saturday at 8:00 in the morning Precious was baptized! It was such a good baptism! Then the next day when she received the Holy Ghost the spirit was so strong! She fits into the branch so well!
What a Precious baptism!
Sister Brown, Precious, Sister Ford

Nate came to church on Sunday too for the first time! And Christopher (you know the atheist one) actually considered the idea of possibly going to church when we saw him on Saturday night but he didn't show up on Sunday. Even just the fact that he considered the idea is a miracle because apparently the first time that Sister Ford and her other companion mentioned the idea he just laughed and said, "not a chance!" His heart has been softening a lot and I am determined to have him converted before I leave this place! (of course that's up to the lord as well...but we make a pretty good team him and I)

I love you all
Have a great week and a happy Halloween!
Sister Brown
               Some of the pumpkins from the carving activity
 Party in the car wash!

 Mon. for Family Home Evening they played human hungry hippos.

Our dryer stopped working
While in St. Michael's with sister Cardon, ans sister Ledford)

 Elder Larson's last p-day!
 (Taken while in Saint Michael's with Sister Ledford and Sister Cardon)

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