Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Rely on Heavenly Father for Guidance!

Ya' te' hee!
This week was really good! I honestly can't remember a whole lot, everything just kinda blurs together and before you know it its the next week again!

Monday we had to be in by 6 because of Halloween and we carved pumpkins. I have to say my pumpkin is the happiest pumpkin I have ever carved! The sisters serving in Eastland spent Halloween night with us, because one of them had Mission Leader Conference the next day, so Tuesday Sister Withers spent the day with us while her companion was at Mission Leader Conference. Sister Withers is still in training but she is a great missionary already and so adorable!

I also had an "ahha" moment as we were teaching Daniel this week. It occurred to me that quite possibly one of the reasons we aren't allowed to just call up our family or friends when we need help while on the mission (other than the obvious fact that it could be distracting) is so that we have to rely on Heavenly Father for guidance and help more than we would other-wise. In turn your relationship and trust in him grows a lot stronger than it otherwise would! 

Sorry, I don't have any cheesy jokes or pick-up lines. Daniel was slacking this week in that area!
We've been having a lot of trouble with finding recently but not from a lack of trying! We street contacted at the College grounds a lot, and this week as we were heading off to another appointment, this guy was kinda flirting with us. Sister Ford and I were like...uhhh, what do we do!? I kick myself for not TTI-ing (Teach, Testify, and Invite) him, but he kinda caught us off guard, but still that is no excuse. 

We were finally able to have a lesson with one of our investigators that we've been trying to get with for weeks! That was pretty great. She asks tons of questions too! N__ is still doing stellar, as far as keeping commitments, but in someways it doesn't seem like his testimony or faith is growing at all! He doesn't necessarily have the desire to be baptized for another year because he feels that change can't happen as fast as it sometimes does.

We had a lesson with a less active member and during his lesson, I found myself getting kinda frustrated and discouraged a little. It felt like he didn't care and that we weren't getting anywhere with him, but then to our surprise he came to church for all 3 hours this Sunday!!!

We had a wonderful lesson with Precious this week and on Sunday she got her temple recomend, and is going to the temple this upcoming Saturday!!!! To make the week even better we were knocking doors and found a golden potential! She asked us if she could have a Book of Mormon before we could even offer her one! It's too bad she's not Young Single Adult aged so we'll have to hand her off to the other missionaries!

We saw Malachi (a less-active) this week and it was kinda funny...he called me "the strict one" and Sister Ford the "lenient one" (he said it kinda jokingly, but still kinda meant it) because I am very bold with him, I don't take no for an answer with him, or let any excuses fly, because I see his potential and know that he know's better!

I love you all so very much!
Sister Brown

My happy pumpkin!

Sister Ford, Sister Withers, and me.

My missionary pumpkin. It has my badge on it.

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