Thursday, October 27, 2016

Sick with the stomach flu!

This week honestly is kinda a blurr! It went by so fast! I have been having a blast though! Monday we went to Family Home Evening with the Young Single Adults. Our new investigator, Nate, came! Precious, who is getting baptized this upcoming Saturday (the 29th) came too and she loved it! We got to participate in the FHE activity of going on a scavenger hunt because we went with our investigators who came! They encourage us to participate in many of the activities so that we can get to know members better and also so that the investigators and members can get to know us too!

I don't remember a whole lot from Tues. or Wed....we did see a recent convert (Daniel) who's pick-up line this week was: "Sydney Manning! Hmmmm, why does that sound so familiar!, hmmmm...oh yea! my patriarchal blessing, that's were I've heard that name before!" (Sydney is a member who came to the lesson with us) haha! He cracks me up!

Thursday Morning I woke up early throwing up and not feeling well at all! We had a training that we had to give in Zone Training, so we went to that even though I was still feeling pretty iffy! After we went back home, I slept all day long! I had a fever and come to find out, I had some kind of flu bug...I feel so much better now!

Saturday we did some street contacting and met a really good potential (HE'S YSA!!!!!)
Sunday we went to mission prep and church, and did a little sacrament meeting at the old folks home as usual. 

This week was pretty good over all other than feeling sick to my stomach on Thursday! It's been really incredible though to see Heavenly Father's hand in every little thing!

Let me tell you a little bit about Sister Ford since I didn't mention a whole lot about her last week...She's from Kaysville Utah and is the Oldest in her family. She has two younger brothers and has been out for 13 months. She is an incredible missionary who sincerely listens to those we teach and teaches by the spirit very well! 
I love you all! 
Sister Brown

De best Cereal ever! box....was the last one....I had to buy it!
Me, Kammie (only the greatest member ever!) and Sister Ford!

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