Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Looking for New investigators!

Ya' te' hey!
This week we had to drop tons of our investigators because they simply were not doing their part to receive the truth. There really was nothing more we could do to help them until they started doing something for themselves. So that was a little bit of a bummer...we are now looking for tons of investigators.

Tuesday a Less Active member texted us and wanted to have a lesson...I was super excited (no one ever texts us asking for lessons!) He wanted help setting some goals. We helped him set goals to get back to church but then this Sunday he never showed up! 
We also had institute and the teacher asked the question: "What are some benefits from going to the Young Single Adult branch as opposed to a family ward?" and Betsey (an incredible member who comes out with us a lot and is preparing for her own mission) pipes up and says: "All them hunnies!" I cracked up! It was soooo funny!

Wednesday we had Sister Flake with us because her companions were doing exchanges and she needed to be elsewhere so that their exchanges could be "private". 
We had a Drop lesson with Therese and she was like: "...wait, ARE YOU BREAKING UP WITH ME?!" haha, I was dying....no one has ever reacted to a drop lesson that way! 
Later that day we went to the old folks to sing and the same Navajo lady that stuck her fingers in the sacrament the week before was eating crayons this time and threw a little tantrum when one of the workers took them away from her. It's so funny but so sad at the same time! 
We got fed Chinese that night for dinner and the portion sizes were HUGE! I essentially got 3 meals out of my one simple order.
Wednesday we went out with Kammie to have some lessons and try people and what-not and the poor girl! It was just not her night! We got pulled over by a cop because he thought I wasn't wearing my seat-belt (even though I had been the whole time), luckily she didn't get a ticket! Then later that night her car was over-heating and she went to change the coolant and the second she took off the cap it all came spraying in her face like a volcano! Her eyes were stinging and her skin itchy! Poor girl! She's doing fine now!

Thursday, winter finally hit. It snowed for like 2 seconds, but the whole day was really cold! 
We also got to work with Sister Stringam and have her for the rest of the weekend because she "killed" her companion on Saturday, meaning her companion, Sister Breakall, flew home to good-old-Montana (twin bridges). 
We also had a lesson with Daniel and his pick-up line this week has to do with pondering: "The only eyes I want to ponder are yours!" I find it so funny that he loves Mormon pick-up lines so much!

Friday a member from 8th ward (since we are working with sister Stringam as well as our own branch) took us to dinner at the Olive Garden! #1sttime! yum! 
WE ALSO GOT A NEW INVESTIGATOR!!!!!! He is soooooo solid too! His name is Antonio. He grew up baptist, but he wants to find the truth and he knows that conversion is a possibility, but he doesn't want to convert for his girlfriend, he wants to do it because he knows for himself that it's true! #GOLDEN! 

Saturday we did a lot of service between the two areas (8th ward and YSA) and decided to order pizza that night. We got spinach-Alfredo pizza! #yum!

Sunday was great! We had a munch and mingle and we were boggling everyone with bunches of riddles. It was a lot of fun for everyone! 

Also did you know there is a really sweet Mormon message video based off of the talk that Vern P. Stanfill (yea...our old stake president.) gave in October 2015 General Conference? It's really cool and intense!

I love you! hope y'all have a great week!

Sister Brown 

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