Monday, November 14, 2016

Aztec Ruins!

Monday we went to the Aztec ruins which were super cool! I felt kinda like Indiana Jones! 
We had exchanges this week and I took over the area for a day. This was super nerve-racking/stressful because I'd only been in the area for 4 weeks. It went well though! We saw some cool miracles because I really had to rely on Heavenly Father! 

We had a lesson with Riley a less active and Oh My Goodness, the spirit was so strong! We testified of the importance of the Book of Mormon and I testified of Heavenly Father's love for him and my love for him. I basically told him "you are my brother, and family is so important to me...I am not going to lose you! That's why we come help you be able to live with Heavenly Father again!" I said a bunch of other things too but I don't even remember them because the spirit was just working through me! 

When I was on my exchange, I gained a greater appreciation for Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon! We had been rejected a bunch that morning as we did some knocking, and even got a Book of Mormon back at one point! Later that night we had a couple focused on the restoration and the other focused on the Book of Mormon specifically. After those two lessons my heart was full of gratitude for Joseph Smith and all that he went through to help us receive the fullness of the gospel and the Book of Mormon! I was sad and kinda heart-broken for all those people who rejected us and the message without really realizing what it truly is that they were rejecting!

Sunday we received what seems like a really solid Potential investigator! A friend of his brought him to church and apparently he's been looking for the missionaries for a while, so I'm super excited to get to know him and to start teaching him!

I now get to take video Journals since I got permission from president to do so!
love you all!
Sister Brown
Me and Sister Ford

City of Aztec Ruins

Sister Ford

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