Monday, November 28, 2016

Heavenly Father can mold me into someone better than I could ever imagine!

Ya' te' hey!
Early on in the week we were still double working area's because Sister Stringam didn't get her new companion until Tuesday evening. 

We had several very spiritual lessons this week, one of which was with Arlo (a less active). We talked to him about temples, and he really wants to get back to the temple! He told us about his first time there and you could tell that he just loved the temple! 

We had a really spritiual lesson with Trevis (also a less active). We talked about the importance of prayer and scripture study and keeping the Sabbath day holy. A member that came with us bore her testimony on prayer and the spirit was very strong! Trevis really wants to start coming back to church but he works on Sundays so he's trying to get his work schedual switched.  

WE ALSO WERE ABLE TO PUT ANTONIO ON DATE FOR BAPTISM!!!!!! If all works out, he will be baptised on Jan 14th!

For my Thanksgiving I had two places to go! Everything was pretty normal as far a food goes except I think I like ours better. I had pinions for the first time! They are a type of pine nut that the natives LOVE! 
We ate with Malachi and Devan (both are less actives that we are working with) We also worked on organizing our ward list since that was more productive than knocking on doors. Especially considering in YSA we aren't looking for families. Even if we were, people don't want to talk to missionaries, they just want to spend time with there family on Thanksgiving.  We also did some service hours by making some Christmas decorations for Daniel (the recent convert that loves pick-up lines!) since he doesn't have any! 

Saturday we were finally able to see Precious (our recent convert who got baptized a month ago, then kinda fell of the face of the earth because work has gotten in the way of everything!) She luckily has still been reading and praying every single day! She just needs to get work off on Sundays now, or at the very least have the hours switched so that she can come to church!

Sunday, we were able to have a spirit filled lesson with Thomeson who came to church for ALL 3 HOURS!!! I testified of the savior and the spirit just filled the room! After the lesson, he was like "wow! that was a really good lesson....I feel really good!" We also knocked some doors and even though people rejected the Book of Mormon they accepted one of the #lighttheWorld advent calander things and thought that they were pretty cool. So in that regard knocking was successful! 

It has started to get pretty cold lately. It's snowing today!

I love this Gospel sooooo much! I love my Heavenly Father and That is why I choose to still be a missionary! He needs someone to stand up for him, when no one else will! I know that I had a personal relationship with him in the pre-earth life. I know that he knows me perfectly and can mold me into someone better than I could ever imagine! I love my Heavenly Father and cannot imagine how life would be without him guiding and directing me!

I love you all! Have a great week! And remember, Heavenly Father knows you personally and will never abandon you!
Sister Brown
Sister Brown's Snow Angel

Snow today! Friends, Me and Sister Ford

Making decorations

Sister Ford and homemade snowflakes!

Having fun making Christmas Decorations!


Sister Fords orange lips!

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