Monday, June 27, 2016

A Spirit Filled Week!

This week was very spirit filled! We started out the week with exchanges. Sister Holbrook and I took over Gallup for a day while Sister Cardon was on her exchange! I surprisingly didn't get lost! And we had a lesson with B__ and B__ and Holy Cow the spirit was soooooo strong! You could tell that he felt it too! He looked like he was trying to figure out what he was feeling, so if that lesson didn't spark something in him, I don't know what will!

While I was on my exchange with Sister Monson (my new Sister Trainer Leader) We had a lesson with a guy named M___, and we put him on date for baptism! Apparently they haven't been able to put anyone on date for a while! We had a lesson with the Chee's and talked about getting them to the temple as a family which means we talked about F__ and K__ baptism concerns. The spirit was so strong in that lesson as well!!! F__ as we suspected is hung up on tithing! K_ concern was way better than what we thought it was! She wants to be baptized but wants to be completely sure that she is making the right decision before she does...she knows its a huge step! We are glad that she wants to be sure, and so we encouraged both of them to pray about it! Oh also they had recently gone on a trip and brought us back these beautiful paintings of our names made with animals...I'll send a picture! 

At district meeting this week I gave a Role-play on how to apply all of the points in "Our Commission" so that was cool! 

We met with N_ and B__ this week too! N_ is so stellar! Oh my goodness, I just love her! She was talking with B_ about how she feels when she prays and then reads the Book of Mormon and she described it as a warm blanket being put around her on a cold day...she said she had no idea how else to describe it! Also they came to First ward! They usually go to 2nd! The last lesson that we had with them was on temples and family history and B_ wants to be baptized for his uncle that passed on! So that was awesome!

We tracked into some Mexicans who spoke both Spanish and English, but their English was a little broken and they tried to make us think that they couldn't speak any English at all but we could tell that they did! haha, its funny to see what people try to do to get missionaries to leave...we didn't leave...they accepted Book of Mormons from us, then later we gave them a Spanish copy!

Oh and I tried Spam for the first time this week! A member gave it to us because somehow we got talking about spam and I mentioned that I'd never had it before so he gave me some to wasn't too was bacon flavored spam so maybe that's why, but I fried it up and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be!

Mission President Adams and wife,
 Sister Brown and Sister Cardon Taken at Sister's Conference
There was a random shoe decoration....we had fun!

Sister Cardon cut my hair again!

Captain America with the Nephites HAHA!
When missionaries get Board!
There's a black spot on our kitchen floor
that looks like a chili pepper!

The apron Sister Nelson gave us!

The sky was pretty!

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