Monday, June 6, 2016

Hike and bonfire with the youth!

This week was Great! It got pretty hot here! 97 one of the days and probably hotter! luckily it's dry heat!  I'm starting to get a nice tan on though! 

We had our last exchanges for the transfer this past week where sister Cardon went with sister Breakall and I went back to Gallup with Sister Deim (first time in Gallup without my companion! So that was interesting trying to figure out where everyone lives...because she always drives) We did a lot of knocking (sister Deim and I) and We found a new less-active to teach because of it! 

Wednesday after switching back, sister Cardon and I went to mutual with the youth because we are trying to build stronger relationships with the ward in general, but especially with the youth and hoping to be able to take some of the youth with us to lessons! For Mutual we went on a hike and had a bonfire and roasted hot-dogs and marshmallows! 

We found quite a few new investigators this week, one of whom is so interested that we put him on date for baptism in the first lesson! He said he was excited to come to church (although he didn't show up on Sunday! not sure why yet) We did however have 6 of our investigators attend church this week! 

We also had dinner with Deb once again (we have dinner with her at least once a week!) She makes me laugh...she gives us challenges that make us better missionaries! She challenged us this week to write in our journal every single day and to also make sure that the Book of Mormons that we hand out are actually wanted! 

We had Dinner with the Chee's! They are seriously like my favorites ever! We were talking about pie and what our favorite kind was and Brother Chee (who we are hoping to get baptized sometime this month) was like have you ever had orange pie!? and we were like....uh, no...didn't know that was a thing! and He just busted up laughing, he's never had it either! So we are going to attempt to make some sort of orange pie this week and bring it to him! lol!

I listened to an awesome talk this week by Diana Holsher called "The Missionary Next Door" Its really good and funny too! I Challenge you to listen to/read it and apply at least one of the points from it! The missionaries will love you if you do! 

Saturday we tried tracting at the Flee Market and it is just not effective! But Sister Cardon and I got matching rings out of I suppose it wasn't all in vain! 

Love you all!!!!
Sister Brown!

Sister Brown and Sister Cardon on a Hike and Bonfire with the Youth

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