Monday, June 20, 2016

Sister Missionary Conference

This week has been full of Miracles, taking fun pics and putting together an apostate puzzle (haha, for missionaries I mean)
The temperature has been pretty warm lately! I don't mind too much allows me to work on my tan so that I can look like a real native american and not just claim to be part native! lol jk!

As far as exercises go, I do kinda the same thing every day, so it would be nice to change it up a bit...for some reason we stopped running every morning...too lazy I guess! haha, I try to stay on my push-ups though...and I've been doing well with Self-defense too! Apparently I catch on quickly!

Our investigator N___ is doing so great! She came to church for an hour yesterday and she is planning her wedding!!!! She is thinking about possibly getting married and baptized on the same day! We think B___ has started reading more, we haven't had a chance to actually visit with them after our lesson on spiritual CPR (Church, Prayer and Reading) but we are hoping that he is now doing those things! 

The orange pie recipe was actually in a cook book that was left in our cottage! We originally were going to take a lemon Meringue pie recipe and change it up a little but then we found an actual recipe!

We started off the week by going to a Sister missionary conference where all of the sister missionaries in the mission met at the mission office and had some speakers talk to us, and we went on a walk in the morning, and got to know some other sisters that we'd never met before! It was pretty fun and spiritual at the same time! 

Sister missionary hike. I am in the top right corner.

Sister Missionary Conference

I am in the middle a little to the left. My hair is in a pony tail.

We had zone training on Thursday and sister Cardon and I gave a role play on daily contact and we related it to baking! It made things fun and the missionaries seemed to be more excited about it instead of doing just the typical role play! 

We also had one of our investigators this week that we realized we are going to have to step back a lot and go to the basics, because he doesn't not have a belief in God but he doesn't really have a belief in him that's a little of a set back!
But on the upside we found a new investigator who seems like she is so ready for the gospel!

We also helped a widow clean out one of her closets and she gave us a cute little apron that she made forever ago! 

Love you all
Sister Brown

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