Saturday, July 9, 2016

4th Baptism

This week was pretty good! It was full of a lot of exchanges! The beginning of the week I took over Gallup again while sister Cardon went to Mission Leadership Council with Sister Monson.  I was with sister Millard! We visited Bernell and Nichole and OH MY GOODNESS!!! Bernell read 3 pages of the Book of Mormon...he's never really read it so that was incredible! 

Funny Moments
 -- Sister Cardon on Monday morning while we were heading out of the house turned the lights off                            with her nose because her hands were full. haha! I just about died laughing!
  --This black guy came up to us with a confused look on his face while looking at my tag and said:                            "ooooohhhh, the Church of Jesus Christ!....I thought your name was Jesus Christ!" haha, It was so funny! Unfortunately we were in McDonalds (a member wanted something to eat before they came with us to our next lesson) so we couldn't Teach Testify Invite him because it was a business.

For Exchanges I was in Joseph City again and I got to have a little taste of what training might be like, since the sister I was with had only been in the field for 3 weeks! That was definitely interesting!

We have a baptism coming up tomorrow for Antonio who has taken the lessons before multiple times but finally decided that he wants to actually get baptized! Also on our way into the church to be there for his interview, a man drove up in a car and asked us when church was and so we told him and he said that he just really needed a change in his life! We told him we were missionaries for the church and gave him a Book of Mormon with our number in it and testified of the changes that it can and will make in his life! Wow, it's not everyday that people come seeking us out! We hope he gives us a call! He didn't live in the area so we couldn't really set up an apt. with him, but if he gives us a call we could at least refer him to some other missionaries!
Antonio's baptism Sister Cardon and Sister Brown

We also visited a 99 year old widow named Sister Olive! She has been all over the world! She's also the sweetest little old lady! The bishop asked us to visit all the widows in the ward so that's what we are doing now! I read a talk this morning that was titled "becoming a consecrated missionary" and after reading that I could never do missionary work the same....I have taken it upon myself to truly become a consecrated missionary and not just a good or even great missionary!

Zone Conference July 7th 

First experience eating Spam.
Bacon flavor it isn't bad.

My Name painted and given to me by the Chee family.
Staying cool with frozen Yogurt

We taught the Plan of Salvation with chalk!!!

4th of July  Sister Cardon, and Sister Brown

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