Thursday, June 2, 2016

3 Baptism!

Sister Chee and the twins got Baptized on Saturday!!!!!!!! Sister Chee sent a text that said something like: "Sisters I think I'm ready...tithing will be tough, but I'll give it a try..."Oh my goodness that was such a happy day for us!

I had exchanges just once this week with Sister Breakall who is actually my sister training leader! She is pretty great! For the first half of the day though I was with her companion Sister Deim (yes the same one from the MTC) and a bunch of our appointments cancelled and so we went knocking and we came across a lady who mentioned that she wasn't interested but her daughter might be, but she wouldn't be back until later that night. Well I wrote down the address and I didn't put much thought into it afterward. Then when I was with Sister Breakall that evening we went to the same neighborhood that we had been in earlier to teach someone else and that appointment cancelled on us right then and there so we tried another house in the same neighborhood that they have been teaching and they couldn't have a lesson at that time either. We went back to the truck and on our way back to the truck I remembered and told Sister Breakall about it and so she said, sure, why not we'll give it a try! So we did and the daughter was surprised that her mother would say she was interested but she let us in anyway and holy cow...this lady is golden!!! She just got out of prison a few weeks back and she has been searching for truth and trying different religions, and trying to turn her life around! We taught her the restoration and gave her a Book of fact she asked for it before we could offer! She is seriously so ready for the gospel right now! I'm just sad that I met her while on exchanges, because that means I don't get to teach her! :( but talk about a miracle!

Oh so back tracking a little! The Chee's got interviewed for baptism on Wednesday and Sister Chee...haha, the little stinker...came out of her interview and we asked her how it went, and she was like....I guess I need more lessons...   We were like: oh.....  We had no idea what to say or do! Then she busts up laughing and was like "just kidding!"
This week was so good! mostly full of getting the Chees completely ready for baptism!
Love you all so much!
Sister brown

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