Monday, June 13, 2016

We made an Orange Pie!

This week has been pretty good! We had a fantastic District meeting this week where the spirit was just so strong! 

We also have an investigator that we picked up at the end of last week who is just stellar! She hasn't come to church yet, but she is just Devouring the Book of Mormon! She is B___ girlfriend (Did I tell you about him last week?) He has been coming to church but not really reading the Book of Mormon. Its crazy to see just how much of a difference the Book of Mormon makes in a person's progression! B___is seriously lacking in faith even though he's come to church and N___(his girlfriend) on the other hand hasn't come to church yet, but is reading the Book of Mormon a lot and is progressing soooooo much! She has so much faith! Unfortunately B___ talked himself out of getting baptized this month! He still wants to get baptized but is not willing to get married in time to do so...He has a back-ground that is not very good so if he gets married to N___ he will then have to be put on the lease for their apt. and they will get evicted because of his background...he doesn't have the faith that all will work out if he follows the law of chastity and its frustrating because N___ has the faith that it will work out, but he just doesn't! 

We had to drop an Investigator this week that so desperately needs the gospel in her life, but she's not willing to act or work for it! It's difficult to see/do, but the Elect are out there, so we can't be wasting precious time on someone who isn't willing to keep commitments.

I had a Navajo Burger this week which is basically just a normal burger, but with fri-bread as the buns instead...its was really good...but interesting too!

We also had lunch with the Chee's this week! We made an orange pie and it was hilarious to see brother Chee loving it so much considering he was the one that totally joked about an orange pie the week before!

We are teaching an 11 year old girl right now and she is so stellar too! She is reading the Book of Mormon and loving it! She answered the questions in the back of the pamphlets that we gave her....NO ONE DOES THOSE!!!! And we didn't even tell her that she had to or anything either!

Kobe Chee got the Priesthood on Sunday!!!! oh also he said "Hi Jenny Brown" and it totally threw me off guard! He of course did it on purpose to see my reaction...he found out my name because we gave them a beautiful picture of Christ and wrote notes on the back and we decided to sign it with our real names as well so that they could friend us on Facebook or whatever for when we go home.

Oh yea and I made a little plan of Salvation kit to use for lessons...its come in very handy!
Glad to hear you are all doing well! I love you all
Sister Brown!
Plan of Salvation Kit

 I found some beat up plastic glasses frames on our way to an apt!
Thank goodness I don't have to wear glasses cuz...eww

 I'm getting pretty tan...rocking the watch tan line!

 A pretty sun set

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