Monday, June 5, 2017

Combine post of last two weeks!

May 30, 2017
Sorry for not being able to email you yesterday. The library was closed, as it was memorial day.
My week was pretty great!
We were able to put our new investigator Deva on date for Baptism. It will be July 15th! We also got 2 new investigators named Tim and Noah. Tim seems sooooooo ready for the gospel too! He wants to make changes in his life and become a better person! We were simply walking down the street and stopped to talk to them. We asked them if either of them would like to learn more about Jesus Christ and Tim raised his hand so we sat down with them and shared the introduction to the Book of Mormon and bore our testimonies. He's been texting us a lot since then with questions and concerns, and we can't help but fall in love with the man! (oh and He is 6 foot 7!!!)
Jerry and Brother Venegas and his son all came to church on Sunday!!! That's the first time Brother Venegas's son has come!
We were also able to see Kay and talk about the Plan of Salvation. We are hoping to put her on date soon!

June 5, 2017
This week was pretty good and flew by as usual! Jerry came to church once again this week, but he also taught gospel Principles!!! He did such a good job too! Brother Venegas also came for the 4th time in a row and stayed all 3 hours this time! He also got a calling and got up to bare his testimony!!!! Kay our investigator came to church too and almost every single testimony mentioned something that she needed to hear!

We did tons of service this week and even helped someone plant their garden which was fun! For One of Brother Venegas's lesson's this week we made cookies and talked about service. His commitment was to deliver the cookies to people as an act of service.

We met a new less-active this week named Jason Morgan and he seems like a really neat guy! He works on computers a lot. 

This week we were tight for miles and so we decided to ride bikes where we could and it was a lot of fun! Kind of interesting in a skirt though, haha!

I love you all have a fabulous week!
Sister Brown

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