Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Belief and Faith need to be Aligned in order for miracles to happen!

This week has been pretty good! 

We have a new investigator, although he knows all about the church...he was excommunicated so he technically is an investigator, but it's more like teaching a less-active. 
On Tuesday we helped a member paint her house and it was lots of fun! 

Wednesday we had Zone Conference and it was all about finding. We learned a lot about the difference between faith and belief too and how our Belief needs to be aligned with our faith so that miracles can happen!
      For example I might have faith that my wrist can be healed the same way Christ would have healed it as he 
      was on the earth. I don't necessarily believe that it can happen for me or I believe that regardless of receiving 
      a blessing that it will still take time to heal. Why couldn't it be healed immediately the way that Christ healed 
      others? That same priesthood power is here on the earth today...It is because of unbelief. Our belief and faith
      need to be aligned for miracles to happen.

We saw Tim, One of our investigators after that and had a really great lesson on the restoration with him! The spirit was pretty strong and he accepted a baptism date! He wants to shoot for April 15th of next year, but we have no doubt that it will get moved up as he begins to have a real conversion. 

All of our people we are visiting are falling apart! One broke his leg the other day! Another is having kidney problems and another feels that he is worth nothing! It's sooooo sad!

Friday we saw Ken and it went pretty well, He hasn't come to church the last couple of weeks though :/

We saw Jason (a Less Active) on Saturday and he seems to be progressing! 

Yesterday Jerry got a calling!!!! That was sooo exciting! Another proud missionary moment right there! And we got to see Robert again yesterday for a lesson! He is doing sooooo well!
It's been a great week! I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!
Sister Brown

 Cortez District Preparation Day activity - The Anasazi Heritage Center Sister Brown is in the Blue June 12, 2017

Making cookies to give away to people. (May 2017)

Sister Brown's favorite cookies! Chocolate no-bake! (May 2017)

Sister Brown and Sister Garner
I laugh every time we drive past this sign! Haha!

We went on a hike to Hovenweep

Hovenweep Hike!
Sister Garner and I during the hike to Hovenweep

Sign at Hovenweep

This is a HUGE spinach leaf!

Mothers Day we heart attacked people! Had tons of fun
Wendy's frosty's and fries!

Wendy's got it right! True doctrine! Except they need the temple ordinances for that.

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