Monday, October 3, 2016

Plastic Cow! And General Conference!

This week started off with us traveling to Farmington so that Sister Cardon and Sister Ledford could go to Mission Leader Conference since they are both Sister Training Leaders. While they were at that, I got to work with Sister Stinekie (not sure if that's how you spell it or not) and Sister Southam! I tell you what, Sister Stinekie is so funny and a great missionary too! She is still in training but if I didn't know it, then I never would have guessed! The Day was fantastic we had a lot of lessons and even got a new investigator for the Farmington 7th Ward! We also came across this drunk guy and at first he was like "woah, are you going to jump me!?" haha, I couldn't help but laugh! 

Wednesday was a pretty good day too! We have a recent convert named Monica who has somewhat turned less active which is sad to see! She does however have a very strong testimony of this gospel. She is currently having a hard time forgiving herself for some mistakes. She came to 3 of the 4 sessions of General Conference though! (speaking of which it was soooo good!) Also she has the cutest little boy! He says some of the sweetest most sincere prayers I have ever heard! (He prayed for rain and the next day was rainy all day!!!, the faith of a child!) 

We also were able to see another recent convert named Arlene who cracks me up! We were talking about her birthday that is coming up and she was like: "yea, I'm getting dunk, but I'm getting drunk by the Holy Ghost instead!" haha, she is so funny!

We were able to have a lesson with this boy named James (although he often goes by chipmunk). It's a little sad because he doesn't seem too interested anymore. He says he still wants to get baptized but when we ask him why he just shrugs. I know one day he'll be baptized, its just a matter of when he's really, truly ready. It is kinda sad to see, because his brother wants it so badly for him, He himself has such a testimony of this gospel and knows the joy that comes from it!

Thursday we had a district meeting as usual. It was rainy all day (as I mentioned previously) which was fine because I love the rain! Although being on the reservation everything turns to mud, so I had to break out my boots. It was kind of a slow day but we were able to see a Member who needed us to take care of her cat and garden this weekend while she went to Salt Lake for Conference. She gave us an onion from her garden. When we went to check up on the cat and garden we saw a tarantula! ee-yah!(gross/yikes/no good!) It was so big! I was going to get a picture but it went under the porch before I could.

We found a new investigator, his name is Armando. Currently he seems more interested in those that are sharing the message then the message itself, but hopefully as he actually reads and comes to church and whatnot he will become interested in the message too!  Friday we saw him for the second time, his little sister (she's 8) came out and joined us and so his little sister is now a new investigator as well! It's amazing to see the closeness that kids have to Heavenly Father and the spirit.  They are so pure and innocent! She wanted us to come have a lesson with them the very next day! We had a time set up with them but Armando was gone at work, so it didn't happen. We dropped by on Sunday evening and taught him the Plan of Salvation (Camaria, his sister, was in Gallup so we didn't get to teach her.) He said he felt kinda guilty for not coming to church today and Sister Cardon said something to the effect of: "that's ok, that guilt will help you be motivated to act and come next week!" haha! Also during that lesson Sister Ledford said something like: "At judgment Jesus Christ will be your in your words, he's like your homie..." haha, I just about died laughing!

Thursday we also were able to see a less active who is the sweetest lady ever! We call her our Shima-sani which means grandma in Navajo. She came to the Saturday sessions of conference which was good. She didn't come to Sundays but at least she saw half of it!

I found this plastic cow randomly in one of the closets in our trailer and I decided to stick it on Sister Ledford's study desk. The next morning as she came into studies she died laughing and was like "where did the cow come from!" I couldn't contain my laughter! It then became a joke within our companionship to randomly hide the cow.  It was found on Sister Ledford's pillow, in Sister Cardon's bag etc. and we decided on Saturday night to stick it on the Elder's truck. They didn't say anything about it, but the next morning we found it on our truck instead! haha, we put it back on their truck Sunday night, So we'll see where it ends up!

General Conference was sooooo Good! I loved Elder Uchtdorf's about not taking the gospel for granted! It was a little bit of a wake up call to me. I realized that there are a lot of things in this gospel and in missionary work that I sometimes just take for granted or get casual about. I also loved Sister McConkie's all about prayer! I love how she mentioned that we use all of the godhead as we pray by the spirit/Holy Ghost. I loved how Juan A Uceda said something to the affect of: He(Heavenly Father) pays attention to your voice...are you listening to his?! I Also loved Elder Bednar's too! Do you truly know Christ or do you just know about him? Every single talk was so good I could go on and on, but it seemed to me that the main ideas were to become very firmly rooted in your testimony, conversion, and the doctrine of Christ and to not become casual in this gospel! Also use the atonement in your life and repent, and be sincere in your prayers! I have so many things that I got out of conference that I will be working on. General Conference is seriously just the best! It's like a spiritual high! I love it!

This week we have a goal of handing out 100 Book of Mormons, each one with a testimony written in it, so in our spare time we've been writing testimonies like crazy in tons of Book of Mormons! I'm excited to "gear down and power up!" and get going on our self-made challenge!

I love you all soooooo much! Stay and become even more strongly rooted in the gospel!

Sister Brown

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