Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Loven the YSA in Farmington!

Ya at' eeh!
Up here in Farmington it feels like summer all over again (back in St. Michael's and Gallup it was starting to actually get a little cold.
I love serving in the Young Single Adult (YSA)! It's a little weird, because it takes me back to when I was in YSA in Montana, but it's good! I love teaching people that are around my same age, because I feel like I can be more personable and relate with them better!

Finding is a lot more difficult though, because instead of looking for just anyone who will listen, we are even more limited to looking for a specific age group to teach (18-30 and single)! That's not to say that we don't speak to everyone, but we have to hand over a lot of the people that we find to the other missionaries since they aren't YSA. 

Our area is huge! We cover 3 zones (but on the upside, we never really have to get permission to leave our area for any reason, since all of Farmington is our area). I've met some incredible people! We have a less active who has a very different way of thinking and expressing himself, but just that first visit that I've had with him, I can't help but like the kid! We also have an investigator who claims to be an atheist. I haven't had a lesson with him yet, but I did get to meet him to set up an apt. for later. I like him already and I've made it a personal goal to get him converted before I leave this place!

Sunday was kinda being YSA and all, they had a munch and mingle after church and they had all the brothers serve the sisters the food, and they wanted everyone to sit, boy-girl-boy-girl. Sister Ford and I decide to serve ourselves and all the brothers were like, "sisters! are you serving yourselves!?" haha...we were like...uhhh, yea! We also did not sit boy-girl-boy-girl! It's so funny to be the missionaries in the YSA ward, I never even thought about how the missionaries might feel back home when I was in YSA! 

Oh yea and also my first night there, we went and saw a recent covert named Daniel (he is super solid) and we had a member with us (her name is Kammie...she's met him before) and I introduced myself to Daniel, then Kammie jokingly said "hi, I'm Kammie" to Daniel and he said "hi...I'm handsome!" back...hahahahahha I just about died laughing.

Ayoo aninshni (not sure how to spell it) (I love you) 


Sister Brown

Sister Ford my new companion

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