Thursday, September 29, 2016

Transferred to Saint Michales in Arizona!

The Quote for the week is: "If you are on the Lord's errand, do all that you can do with the talents and abilities God has given you and then lift up your heart and plead for God to hear your prayer and intervene on your behalf. Even though you may appear outnumbered, even though it appears that all is lost, our beloved Father in Heaven will reach out and take you by the hand. He will fight your battles! He will come to your aid!"

This week was good! We have been teaching some younger children so we've been trying to make the lessons fun! So what we've done for a couple of our lessons is played spiritual CPR (Church, Pray, Read) Jenga. We bought a Jenga game and wrote some scriptures that go along with each of the topics and when one of them was pulled out we would read it and discuss it. Our younger investigators have really enjoyed it!

Friday the Elders had a baptism that we were able to attend! It was really good. Then on Saturday morning I was Emergency Transferred to St. Michaels!  The reservation!!!! In fact the only area on the reservation that Sisters are allowed to serve on at the current moment! :) And to make things even greater I'm with Sister Cardon again! I'm also with Sister Ledford! They are both just so fantastic! I will be here for the rest of the transfer. I have no idea if I'll stay any longer than that! So if packages are sent it would be best to send them to the mission office. 
For letters send to:   
                               Sister Jenny Brown
                               P.O.Box 203, 
                               St.Michaels, AZ 86511. 

For packages send to: 
                               Sister Jenny Brown
                               New Mexico Farmington Mission
                               400 W Apache St
                               Farmington NM 87401
                               United States

St. Michaels is great so far! I was actually surprised to see a couple of white people here, but most are Navajo! I've been able to learn some more Navajo since being here too! 

We were able to watch the Women's General Broadcast on Saturday night and it was so good! What I got out of it was to have more charity and to keep or gain a "bedrock understanding" of the doctrine of Christ! Our companion motto now is "Fourth floor, Last door!" because of Uchtdorf's talk!

The ward here is very small but so strong in their testimonies. This Sunday was testimony meeting and I felt the spirit very strongly as they testified! It is humbling to see the conditions that many of these people live in. I am so grateful for the many things I have been blessed with all my life! It's funny the things that we take advantage of and don't really appreciate as much until they are gone! 

Some of the hardest times I've faced have been on my mission and I'm sure it will only get harder! But those are the times that you are refined and draw nearer to God! 

I want ya'll to know that I love this gospel so much! I am so grateful for my trials and weaknesses because they help me to grow and draw nearer to my Father in Heaven! I love my Heavenly Father so much and am striving to rely on him always! I am weak and very imperfect but through Christ I can be made strong!

I love you all so much!
Sister Brown!
My new companions Sister Cardon and Sister Ledford

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