Monday, September 5, 2016

Back to Gallup 1st ward!

We are back in Gallup 1st ward!!!! We also will be in a trio...Sister Hillam, Sister King and I. I've met Sister King before on exchanges and she is just darling, I love her already so I am excited to have her join us. I am a little worried about having a trio. I don't want anyone to feel like they are a third wheel and that can sometimes happen when there are three of us. I have the same address.

This week was a little bit crazy once more, because we switched back to First Ward mid week after talking to president. I taught the young women how to make some jewelry on wednesday night for YW's. They really enjoyed it and now Kim Chee is begging her mom to buy her some wire and beads! haha! 

Deb finally decided on an actual date to be baptized!!!! She originally wanted June (of next year), then changed her mind to January and now she actually will be baptized on September 17th!!!!! She is so excited and I am so excited for her! It's been really cool to watch her progression! When we first started seeing her she said that she would never be baptized.  Now look where she's at! We were over at Deb's house on the 26th and celebrated Dailen's birthday, by having spaghetti and garlic bread and watching Ephraim's rescue with her! Deb even took a video of us singing happy Birthday to him on her phone and sent it to him!

Vanessa Also is going to be baptized on Sept. 10th! We finished up the lessons with her on Saturday. She also bought us these really cool coloring books with little religious sayings in them like "Pray always" and things like that.
One thing that the temporary switch helped me realize is just how much I truly love these people in the Gallup 1st area! I was heart broken a few days ago because Sylvia decided that she wanted to go back to her traditional ways to find happiness and peace and she no longer wants to be baptized. The hard thing is that I saw the joy that she has been searching for start to enter her life and now it is just gone! She is back to the way she was and its so sad because she doesn't see that she was truly starting to be happy! To make things even worse her daughter (Justine) really wants this and is so engrossed in the Book of Mormon, she is so ready to be baptized, but she can't have it because we don't want her baptized into inactivity...with her mom not really wanting it anymore. Seeing how far she had gotten only to turn away truly broke my heart!

Then Yesterday we had Stake Conference which was soooo good!
I love you all and hope all is well! Keep having tons of fun! I pray for you often!!!
Shidasha Brown

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