Tuesday, September 13, 2016

I am willing to give up everything I love to the God I love more!

Sorry I haven't had time to send pictures in a while, so the ones that I am sending are from this past week and previous ones too!

This week we had exchanges so I was in Hollbrook with Sister Monson on Wednesday! While I was there in Hollbrook there was this member that we saw who on our way out was trying to close the door and it wouldn't close. She tried a couple times and was like "why won't it close.....ohhhh" then yelled inside "I got the frog!" haha, She was trying to close the door and this frog (that has apparently been bothering them) was stuck in the hinges!!! I couldn't stop laughing! haha poor frog!

Then Thursday I rolled my ankle but it seems to be doing ok! Saturday was Vanessa's baptism and it went well!
She was sooooo nervous! (she doesn't like being the center of attention!)

Sunday an investigator of ours that we finally saw this week came to church!!!! She seemed to enjoy it!
Deb actually won't be getting baptized on the 17th.  She needs more time. We don't think that she is ready yet. 

I printed out the temple name I found when we went to the family history center. We haven't gone to the temple yet...we go on the 19th! I am so excited!

I am so grateful for this Gospel! I am so grateful for the priesthood power and for men who are worthy to hold it! I am willing to give up everything I love to the God I love more! He has given me everything and deserves my all! I am giving up my frustrations, anger, pride, selfishness and weaknesses to him because I know that I can't do it on my own!

Vanessa ready for baptism!
Vanessa after she was baptized
I got my ears pierced!

Sister Hillam, Sister King and Sister Brown We are in a threesome right now.

Me jumping in the puddles a few weeks back from the game we were playing "What are the odds"

Me on the rock in a picture of our hike a couple of weeks ago. 

Elder Brurude pretending to hold Simba!

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