Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Temple Trip!

This week was a little slow and a little bit rough! We had exchanges on Saturday though and that was nice to be able to see Sister Southam and get to know her a little bit better while Sister King was in Holbrook. We had 3 less Actives and 3 investigators show up to church this week which was awesome! We hardly ever have Less actives come....and if they do it's only ever sacrament meeting, but all three of these less actives stayed for all three hours! In sacrament meeting Sister King accidentally dropped the bread sacrament tray and bread went all over! I felt kinda bad for her, but that didn't keep me from laughing! The best part was that she took that embarrassing moment and laughed about it!

We got to go to the Snowflake temple yesterday! (Hence the reason there was no e-mail on Monday) I got to see Sister Cardon at the temple! And Brother Miller's father is the temple president there in snowflake and he and his wife said they were looking for a Sister Brown from whitefish...I was like "I'm Sister Brown!" (I knew that they were brother miller's parents, but I had completely forgot about it until they brought it up). They were like "we were at your farewell" and I started crying out of happiness and gratitude for this tender mercy and said "yes! I remember!" They both gave me a big hug! They are going to be coming to whitefish in a week or two so make sure to look out for them! The temple was a much needed day of peace and rest from daily hardships and labors!

Best Pajama's ever!

Sister Olive! 99 year old widow! Her famous one liner: "well you know: step by step!"

Nasty huge beetle on the temple grounds

At the Snowflake Temple with the Sisters from the Southern part of the mission.

Me with my trainer Sister Cardon

Me and my companions

Opps, I look like a tourist!

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