Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Now in Gallup 2nd ward!

One downside to the mission...not being able to go to the temple as often as I would like...but we get to go next month!!! 
Wow this week has been one of the craziest of my life!!!! No joke!!! I don't want to explain the whole situation (for one because of time and for two I would hate to have anyone's reputation ruined) I'll explain the situation to you in 14 months (ahhh. I don't like that...too soon!) Basically Sister Hillam and I have been emergency Transferred into Gallup 2nd ward instead of 1st. There is nothing to worry about, we are/were not in any kind of danger. President Adams and our stake president talked together and just felt that this was best! We get Transfer news this upcoming Saturday, so we'll see what happens then.  In the mean time we are working with the Zone Leader's (Elder Thompson and Elder Hozman) in Gallup 2nd ward. To make things clear there are no missionaries in 1st ward and two sets in 2nd. It's been very interesting.  Essentially our companionship is in a way companions with their companionship. We have to do our daily and weekly planning with them in a member's home and we have Dinner Appointments together.  We may even be doing some teaching appointments together! It's been a little hard. We feel that we have to rely on the Elder's a lot to know what to do or where to go and we hate feeling like we are not self-reliant! It's been insane trying to get the whole situation figured out! Luckily we do however get to still teach a few people in the first ward. Those that are really progressing towards baptism like Vanessa, Sylvia and her Family, Bernell and Nichole, and Deb and we also get to still teach the Chee family because they are recent converts and we would hate to lose them! We saw Vanessa that week and she has been doing great! She is so sweet and so ready!

Our stake conference is coming up and we have two area seventy coming! I'm so excited for next Sunday (that's when it is)!!! And Deb is looking so forward to it too!

Since we have been working in 2nd ward we have been seeing this widowed Navajo lady named Margie that the elders don't get to see as often (unless they can find a member to come). She came to church yesterday!!! Which is a big deal! We were just super bold with her and told her that she needed to throw away the alcohol. We told her it was not going to make her happy or get rid of the problems she is facing.  She has been cutting back on it and we've seen some improvement just within a few days! 

Anyway all is well...just a little hectic...and crazy...and exciting...and stressful...and frustrating...and a whole mixture of feelings....but other than that all is well!

I love you all and hope that all is well.  I constantly keep you all in my prayers!

Shidasha Brown!
Me and Sister Southam

Mary! Our 99 year old investigator...that we no longer can teach...glad we got pics!

Me, Vanessa!!!! Sister Hilliam

I found the Pineapple!
Washing Sylvia's dishes! Evan stole my camera haha!

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