Monday, August 15, 2016

Cookie-cutter missionary!

We actually got to do a little bit of "camping" with a member this week at a dinner appointment. The Hansen Family (who are like my favorite family away from home!) we went down to their camping spot on their property and made ka-bobs over the camp fire and had watermelon and guacamole and fresh homemade salsa! It was great to feel like I was part of a family for a little bit! Brother Hansen also was talking about going by the spirit of the law rather than the letter of the law and how missionaries get so caught up on rules sometimes that they aren't themselves and turn into just another "cookie-cutter missionary"...I really needed to hear that because I realized that that is kinda what I was turning into...a cookie-cutter missionary...I was not being myself...The Lord has called me...sister Brown...he needs Sister Brown...not just another missionary!  This week has been much better than last! 

We saw Vanessa a couple times this week and she is progressing so much! She is so ready for baptism we might just push her date up to the end of August if she is good with it! She is such a sweet heart too! I love her! She gave us some veggies from her garden too!...We got some jalapenos from her!!! :)

Sylvia and Justine are progressing quite a bit too! especially Justine! We saw her earlier this week and she was like...Did Nephi really cut off his head?! and then put his armor on?!...and then take that guy with him?! we were like: "yea, he did" ...haha then she said: "man, this is getting good!"
She (Justine) wants to go to seminary too!...we didn't even bring it up either...she did! Unfortunately one of their uncles died unexpectedly on Saturday so they were out of town with family on Sunday and couldn't come to church, which means they can't be baptized at the end of August like they wanted to (and like we had planned for).

We also had exchanges this week with Hollbrook sisters. I was in Gallup with Sister Southam on Saturday! she is new to the field (only been here for 4 weeks!) She is a sweet-heart though! 

The Elders were finally able to have a baptism this weekend too (which we were able to attend because Deb came along!!!) I'm happy for them! They've been working hard and definitely earned it!
I love you all and hope you have a great week!
Shidasha Brown

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