Monday, August 1, 2016

I am glad I am one of the missionaries that helped get two more people baptized.

Funny you should ask about baptisms being postponed  because Bernell and Nichole who were on date for Aug. 30th to get married and baptized postponed until September 22nd because that is their anniversary of being together. And as for Sylvia and her family they came to church this Sunday except one of them and so the one won't be able to be baptized when the rest are because of certain requirements. So they might all potentially get bumped into the first week of September instead.

Words In Navaho that I know are shidasha which means sister (technically little sister) and hagoonee means goodbye and Gamalee (which I've used a couple times instead of shidasha) means Mormon. Atsili means younger brother, Shima means mom.

This week has been full of laughs with sister Hillam...she is so stinking funny! 
We met with Vanessa again this week and she is on date for baptism for September 10th!!! She said that it just feels right! We love her so much!!! Also this week we tried a couple of potential investigators and there was one who let us in and we were super excited only to find out that she let us in essentially so that she could teach us her religion instead and sort of bash on ours. She started saying some stuff about Joseph Smith that was not ok with us. Sister Hillam stopped her in her tracks and hit her with the spirit hard! She Bore one of the most powerful testimonies I have heard in a long time! We don't have her as a new investigator by any means but we did all we could! 

We talked to a kid named Daren and Gave him a Book of Mormon and as we were walking away saying goodbye he said "oh, um and I don't do drugs!" and we had to try so hard not to laugh! we were like " good! drugs are bad for you! keep it up!"

We taught Bernell and Nichole again and we talked about priesthood blessings. Bernell had gotten a priesthood blessing a while back and he talked about how they put the oil on his head. He was like "I just want to take a bath in that stuff!" Haha, we laughed so hard and explained that the oil on it's own (even though consecrated) wouldn't do anything...its when it's coupled with the blessing and his faith that it works!

Frank and Kim got Baptized this weekend and after the baptism we went into the bathroom to find Kim crying...we asked her if everything was ok and she said: "Yes, I'm just so happy!" I gave her a big long hug and she sniffling said "thanks for everything!" That melted my heart like crazy! She has had a long road, that lead her here and I'm glad that I was one of the missionaries that got to help her get to baptism!

We watched 17 Miracles with Deb this week and she loved it!!!
This week was overall pretty good!

Love you all! 
Shidasha Brown

Frank and Kim got Baptized this weekend!

We wrote this with chalk for one of our people that we've been trying and haven't been able to get a hold of.

Ha ha ha Eye lashes on the car!

When missionaries get bored and are waiting for people to show up for their baptismal fitting. The cup game.
Sister Hilliam

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