Tuesday, May 3, 2016

My first area is Gallup!

A'atehhea (that means hello in Navajo) 

This week has been great! My first Area is Gallup (southern NM)! My new companion is Sister Cardon! She is from Utah and she is just so great! She used to work at Disney world, she's a cosmetologist (she's actually going to cut my hair later today)

Funny story, we had a missed call from some random number and so we decided to call it back and they were confused as to why we were calling them. We told them that they had called us and they were like...umm ok? well I guess we called the wrong number? And we were like umm ok, then I was just like: would you like to hear a message about Jesus Christ? And they were like um who is this? So we told them Sister Cardon and Sister Brown, we're missionaries! They were like oh, where is the church? and so we told them where the church was and what time they could come on Sunday! they were like oh ok, cool! Then hung up! they never actually came to church (I figured that they wouldn't) but we could count it as a TTI (teach, testify and Invite)!

We have so many really cool families in the ward and that we are teaching! The Waddlingtons are just fantastic....brother Wadlington teaches martial arts! Him and his wife went on a lesson with us, to this lady who has all sorts of medical issues and is always asking "why me?" She is so lonely and feels that she isn't loved. I actually started crying (not full on but I shed a few tears) in the lesson because I just love her so much and it pains me to see her like that.

We are also teaching a stellar family! They are basically members, they just haven't been baptized yet! The parents actually punish their kids when they don't come to church! They are just hung up on tithing and are afraid of falling away if they get baptized! At the end of our lesson on fasting and fast offerings with the them, we asked if there was anything we could do for them and one of the kids was like...weed? and I was like we can totally do that! And sister Cardon was like: yea, We do weed! and one of the girls just busted up laughing! We then realized the way she said it and started laughing as well.

There are so many more people I would love to tell you about, but my time is so limited!
I'm not sure how big my area is but it covers quite a bit...I will be driving at some point but my companion does all the driving because she actually kinda knows the area!

Oh and we had a mission conference with Elder Cook which was so good and I saw Elder Stott my cousin! 

I have only had one "spicy" dish...that was Domino's Pizza with green chilli peppers on it, it was really tasty and not even that spicy! I have had fry bread twice now and it is quite delicious! I had navajo tacos, but the "chilli" was just beans....not even with sauce...it was still good though!

My companion also has a little brother who will be going on a mission soon. If he has his call they are going to open it on Mother's day when she calls/skypes!

I love you all!!!!!!
Sister Brown

Sister Cardon, Sister Brown, Sister Adams and Mission President Adams
Taken April 26,2016

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