Monday, May 9, 2016

So Enjoyed getting to Skype on Mother's Day!

Sister Brown got her hair cut by sister Cardon
 Yaa-at-ah-ey! (Hello)
I so enjoyed getting to skype with you yesterday!
A really cool experience I had this week was when we were doing weekly planning! we were trying to decide when to put two of our investigators on for a baptismal date and we decided to try for the 28th. When we were saying a closing prayer the date of the 21st popped into my mind! I immediately was like that's too soon! But then I was like no, this is probably a prompting Because why else would I think of the 21st! so after the prayer I told sister Cardon about it and she also thought it was too soon and kinda second guessed it almost, which made we second guess it and so we were both worrying about it wondering if we should go with the 21st or the 28th still. Well it bothered me the rest of the day. The next morning during personal study I was lead to read Alma 32 and I said an additional prayer asking God to let me know for sure if the 21st was right and if that had truly been a prompting! As I was reading I was basically rebuked hard core from God! Essentially, he was telling me that I needed to have more faith and realize that we are going to have to work harder to get them there by the 21st, but what I had thought the day before was truly a prompting and that we should try for the 21st! The spirit was very strong as I was studying, It was a wonderful experience even though I was rebuked! lol!

We had 6 investigators come to church! And one Less Active came for 1 hour at least! A whole family came (five of them) and one other investigator who I actually hadn't met yet came as well. 
Then a less active came for sacrament meeting...we've been trying to get her to come to church so it was great to see her there even if it was only sacrament!
I love you all!
I wish I had more time to email! So many more things that I could write about!!!
Again love you so much!
Sister Brown!!!

Sister Brown and Sister Cardon at a the Deckers home for a meal.
They say "She is a lovely girl, and we are lucky to have her here"
 I was able to shake Elder Quentin L.Cooks  hand at our Missionary Conference the first week I was here. I also got to talk to my Cousin Elder Stott.
Elder Brown, Elder Stott (Cousin) to Sister Brown, Sister Cardon
at Missionary Conference with Elder Quentin L.Cook and Elder Echohawk
We made blanket forts in our living room
A cake Sister Brown made for an auction for their ward youth and scouts. It went for $40 dollars.
 super cool looking house!
Some cool geography!

Fun at the car wash

The wind blows a lot. And our weather has been cool 60's to 70's 
Here are some more scenery pictures.

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