Monday, May 16, 2016

I went on Exchanges. Area Sickness is a thing!

Haha, I probably spell that different every time! 

We had Exchanges all week! They really helped me appreciate my companion! I actually got homesick for Gallup and my companion! lol, didn't think area sickness was a thing! 
Last Monday we went on a hike at El Morro, with our camera was completely dead, so I had to use sister Cardons....if I have time I'll send pics.

I went to Joseph city for exchanges. It is a very small town and I didn't see a whole lot of natives there, so its kinda crazy the differences you see in each area! 

The C---- canceled there lesson with us again!!! but we told sister C----- to give us a call! She called us and we explained that we felt that she and her daughter were ready for baptism and that we really felt that they should be baptized by the end of May! She said she'd think about it... well you know how I mentioned that they were hung up on tithing, well this Sunday they grabbed a tithing slip!!!!!! So Sister Cardon and I are overjoyed!!!! They are going to pay there tithing! Then be baptized!!!!!! 

We also had exchanges with St. Micheal's this week (which is the only place on the reservation  that sisters serve currently) and oh my heavens I love the reservation!!! The people that we taught were so awesome and really funny too! I love the increase of the Navajo culture there as well! Sister Hillum and I went to the flee market on our lunch break and I got a bracelet, there were these awesome converse shoes that had some native designs on them! I wanted to buy a pair, but they were actually quite expensive! We did a lot of service in Saint Micheal's, and it was a lot of fun!

We were fed after exchanges were over by some members with the last name of Bamfo and they are from Ghana! I asked them if they knew how to make Fufu and sister Bamfo's jaw dropped....the look on her face was so funny! She gave me this look like....."you're some white girl from on earth do you know about fufu!!!???" It was so funny! Boy did that get the conversation going!!! Brother Bamfo likes to talk! Our dinner appointment went longer than it should have, because he just kept going on and on, but I love them to death!

Oh and also, I totally just remembered, while on exchanges in Joseph city, I met one of Ryan Bergman's old mission companions! He was a member that came to one of our lessons with us! That was pretty cool!

About 1/4 to 1/2 of our ward is native of some sort, and we teach anyone and everyone who is willing to listen to us! 

In my last blog there was a picture of tents made with Blankets and oh my goodness there is such a funny story behind the Blanket tents! Sister Cardon was feeling just so spiritually drained and stressed after Mission Leader Conference that day, and I was feeling a little stressed as well and so we were like: "we need to do something to help us get in a better mood, and get our mind off of things" so we built a blanket fort with our mattresses underneath! Well we kept it like that for two nights and slept there. We took down the blankets the next morning but our mattresses were still out, our house was messier then it ever has been because we had been making cards and so there were papers all over the table. The land lords decided that they would drop by that morning...I'm sure they had all sorts of thoughts going through their heads when they saw the mattresses in the living room! At the time Sister Cardon and I were like "great, our land lords probably think we are irresponsible and messy"....our house is hardly ever messy, we keep it pretty tidy, but of course the one time that its super messy the land lords come over! At the time we were kinda freaking out, but looking back on it we just laugh!

I love you all!
Sister Brown

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  1. Wow! So excited for you! Everyone is going to fall in love with you.'re so sweet! Miss you here in the fish!