Monday, May 23, 2016

Exchanges Once again!

This past week has been crazy with exchanges once again! being the companion of an Sister Trainer Leader is insane with exchanges! I feel like I've only been in Gallup half of the time and the other half I'm elsewhere with a different companion! As you know we've been working with the C----Fa and F--- and K--- have made the decision to be baptized!!!! (They are twins) and we were shooting for this upcoming Saturday (the 28th) however president says that he would feel much more comfortable if at least one of the parents are baptized along with them so they might not be able to be baptized this week unless Sister C--- decides to as well....she believes that she is ready, she just is having the hardest time with tithing! She barely makes it paycheck to paycheck, so she is going to be thinking about it and praying about it! We are praying for her as well, and we think that her kids being held back from being baptized because of it will help give her that push to try out tithing!

As far as Exchanges go: I was in Holbrook, Arizona for Tues and Wed. with sister Orton then St. Michaels Arizona again on Saturday with Sister Westover. She  went to BYUH and knows Haily Blalack!!! 
pretty cool! small world! 

Earlier this week we had dinner with Deb (our mom away from home...the one that called you) and we watched Meet the Mormons with her....she loved it and said that the more she comes to know about the Mormon religion the more she likes it! We were also over at her house yesterday for Sister Cardon's birthday! We had cheesecake and had a member family come over as well and we had a short lesson with Deb. She agreed to read at least a couple verses of the Book of Mormon every night...but in return we have to promise to make it a goal to place 2 Book of Mormons a week! lol, I have no problem with her giving us challenges like that!!! Oh and also Deb came to church yesterday as well!

I gave a training lesson in District meeting this week on baptism! That went well.
Oh and we had interviews with president on Thursday! Sister Cardon and I got permission to learn some martial arts (just like the self-defense aspect of it) from a member for exercise in the morning...we can only do it a couple times a week though, which is fine by me!

ah' hyee' he! (thank you!)
ayoo'aniinish'ni! (I love you)
Hagoonee' (similar to good bye)

Sister brown!

Me and Sister Westover 

The Fruit pizza we made for Sister Cardons birthday!
 I also made her a breakfast burrito.

Sister Cardon and Deb (mom away from home)!

The Zone Leaders gave us grape juice and vanilla ice-cream
for Sister Cardons birthday!

The first exchange of the transfer! 
There's Sisters Orton, Brown, Cardon and Woods. 

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  1. Sister Ord here! Wow! Holbrook AZ is only about 146 mi from where we are! Maybe at some point we can come & treat you & your companion to lunch! Not sure how often you're in Holbrook but we have permission to explore. So wonderful hearing about your progress. We're loving our mission too!
    It's true!