Friday, April 8, 2016

The Beginning of a wonderful Spirit filled adventure.

 Sister Jenny Brown arrived at the Provo 
Mission Training Center on April 6th, 2016. 


Sister Brown was to be dropped off at 12:30. So we came early to take pictures and give our last goodbyes. Across the street is the Provo Temple and Missionary Field. Here we spent the last few minutes with our daughter and enjoyed her excitement and anticipation as the time drew near.
What an amazing experience to see your daughter grow and mature and have a great desire to serve the Lord.

Sister Brown will be learning at the Provo MTC for a few weeks and then will be serving in the New Mexico Farmington Mission. This is the 4 corners area which includes Arizona, Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico. 

Sister Brown stands across the street with the MTC in the background, on the missionary field.

Dropping her off was a very quick get the luggage out, hug one last time, smile quick for a picture, and she was led away by a sweet British sister missionary. Then mom tears started to come as we drove away leaving our precious daughter in the care of the Lord. She will be missed but we are excited to hear all her wonderful experiences these next 18 months will bring for her.


  1. So excited for Jenny! We'll love staying abreast of her experiences as she invites others to come unto Christ!

  2. She'll be the best missionary! So excited to follow her experiences. Great pictures of a special day.

  3. Jenny, you are going to be such an amazing missionary! They're all going to love you! You are one of the most beautiful young ladies I know. ...and it starts from the inside out!

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