Friday, April 15, 2016

MTC schedule and pictures

My companion and I decided we would do half of our emailing this morning, and half this afternoon!

A normal day in the MTC is CRAZY! 
  • We wake up at 6:30 although the sisters in my room (myself included) wake up at 6 so that we can get ready in time to actually be in our classroom by 7:00.
  • We sing a song, say a prayer, and go to breakfast.
  • After that we have classroom instruction with a teacher (usually) and personal and companion study.
  • A lot of the time we are alone with our district to learn things ourselves which is very different than what I'm used to!
  • Lately we have a TRC investigator to go teach in the morning as well (that has been 45 min. long for us)
  • Then we have lunch after lunch it's more studying and what not.
  • We have our second TRC investigator around 3:30. Then more study sometimes after that.
  • Dinner then more classroom instruction with a teacher...a lot of the time we teach them as if they were/are an investigator too!
  • Eventually we get back to our rooms around 9:15pm or later and get ready for bed, write in our journals etc. and let me tell you what, by the end of the day, I am Exhausted!
  • For exercise I run a mile (and sometimes more...I'm working my way up) then I play volleyball with some of the other missionaries in my district and zone, I have used some of the arm machines here too every once in a while!
I leave the MTC the 25th of April and we actually can possibly call home before we leave! 

Sister Jenny Brown and My companion Sister Taylor Anderson from Manassa, Colorado! 
Our outfits on the first day were so similar, it made me laugh! She  has a younger sister that will be going on her mission  soon...I believe she is going to Germany? Sister Anderson is going to Farmington New Mexico like me.

This is my district (with the map) starting from the back (left to right) it's Elder Blatter (pronounced Blotter...he's the District Leader), Elder Nacua, Elder Lee, and Elder Ronneberg
In the front is Sister Deim (pronounced dime), Sister Baughman (pronounced Bockman), Sister Angilau, Sister Smotherman, Sister Brown then Sister Anderson.

 Elder Ronneberg, Elder Nacua, Elder Lee, Elder Blatter

The sisters in our zone...minus Sister Deim and Sister Boughman!
Elder Durst and Elder Cardnel from our zone
that were taking selfies with my camera!
Elder Durst eating Elder Blatters banana 
without him knowing.

Elder Blatter, Elder Nacua, Elder Lee, Elder Ronneberg, Branch President Marks,and the other Elders in our Zone.
Provo Temple

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  1. This is actually Sister Ord commenting! I love you Sister Brown! The Lord loves you for being a representative of Him! You're an amazing missionary! Enjoy the journey!!