Thursday, April 14, 2016

A roller coaster of emotions

I have had so many amazing experiences at the MTC already! Everything is going great! I feel a little inadequate, but I know that with time that will pass, and I have faith that the lord will strengthen me! My companion is Sister Taylor Anderson from Manassa, Colorado! She is great! 

For your Information there is a website called dear elder that you can email me at, then they print them out at the MTC here and it's like receiving a mailbox number is 56! I don't have much time to write today, but all is well and I Love you all so much! 
(The above information was written Last Thursday only one Day in the MTC)

Where to start! It has been a rough but good week! the MTC is seriously like the biggest roller coaster of emotions ever! Sorry I forgot to tell you last week that my p-days here are Thursdays!

I've learned a lot of things, and I have never doubted the things I knew until now, which shows me just how real satan is! I got a priesthood blessing a few days back because I felt that I was having a hard time feeling the spirit...after the priesthood blessing I felt so good the rest of the night and even into the next morning, but then we taught one of our TRC investigators (investigators that are sometimes members pretending and sometimes real investigators...but you don't know which ones are which) and she shut us down on everything we taught, and she knows the bible like the back of her hand and so it was really was after that, that I had so many doubts. Satan has been working so hard on me, but that has helped me want to be stronger than ever! 

We have done better with our next few visits with our TRC investigators. One who we know is actually a real investigator, because he flat out told us that he was the real deal! He knows a lot about the gospel already but he's heard the same lessons over and over it seems.  Sister Anderson and I have been teaching him about things that he doesn't know about yet like the Word of Wisdom and temples! 

A cool story actually, Sister Anderson felt that we needed to teach Dominic (our real investigator) about temples but she didn't tell me that yet, she said she felt like she knew what we should teach him about next but she wanted to see what I came up with first.  I prayed and thought about it and the two things that I felt he needed to learn  was baptism and/or temples. I told my companion and she was like, I have felt that we need to teach him about temples! When we got to the lesson, we told Dominic that we had been praying to know what to teach him and that we both agreed it should be on temples. Come to find out he had been thinking about temples the night before! Dominic has strong faith in God.

There is so much more I could tell you, but honestly I don't know if I can remember all that has happened this week! It feels as if I've been here for months!
Sister Brown


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  2. I love sweet Sister Brown! I especially appreciate that she isn't hiding her doubts behind a mask of cheer. She's turning to the right source for answers, and will ever be in our prayers. Love all you "Brown" people!
    --Kari Beagley

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