Friday, April 22, 2016

An amazing Week!

Liz and Sister Brown
Look who the Lord sent to Sister Brown to help her know God knows her and loves her.

I was so happy to see Liz this week! I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw her!

I have an amazing district! they are seriously the best! half are going to Colorado Springs, CO and the other half are going to Farmington NM! I forgot to tell you last week that we get to go to the temple each week on our preparation day.

So many things happened this week that I don't even know where to start! This week was sooo amazing though! First of all my companion and I are the New STL's (Like district leaders but for sisters) until we leave which will be Monday the 25th.

When it comes to TRC investigators we only get them for a week and then we get to teach other TRC investigators the next week, but we actually got to keep Domonic this week!! He is the sweetest man you'll ever meet! He thought Saturday was going to be his last day with us, so he brought us flowers and gummy bears! Also Domonic is so Amazing we never have to commit him to anything because he commits himself before we can even get to it!!! 

Sister Anderson, Domonic, Sister Brown
Flowers that Domonic gave us.

I have grown to truly love the Book of Mormon with all of my heart! We did this thing called a book of mormon read, in class and we were supposed to write down a question that we wanted answered but regarding to our investigators needs and so we chose one of our investigators named Andy...the question we were searching an answer for was: "what can Andy do to draw closer to Christ?" the Amazing thing that happened is that the chapter we were reading to seek revelation was Ether 12 where the whole chapter is on faith. The answers that I received to that question didn't necessarily have anything to do with faith! The answers I received were that Andy needed to pray more earnestly and believe that God will answer his prayers and also that he needs to apply Christ's atonement in his life! We then taught Andy that night and because of that revelation, that we had received, we went into the lesson, and I don't even fully remember how we started or anything, but we talked about the atonement and how God and Christ love us so much that Christ came down to earth of his own free will to take upon him the sins of the world! We also mentioned that we have to be willing to forgive ourselves for the things we've done...God is willing to forgive, but we have to forgive ourselves as well! The spirit was so strong and Andy completely opened up to us about an experience that happened in his past and he feels that he doesn't deserve forgiveness! I was amazed at how he just completely opened up to us!

Our district with one of our teachers on his last night with Slavens! He's the one in street clothes (he was pretending to be an investigator for some teaching purposes, and so he decided to dress in street clothes to make it more real for his last night)

Another experience that I had this week was while we were Role playing in class...we were supposed to pretend to be an investigator...we were to be ourselves but at a time in our life where things were really difficult, and then image us without the gospel at that point! The first thing that popped in my head was when Grandpa Brown died (probably because it was the most recent) I went back to that time in my head, and then imagined myself not knowing that I would see him again and I literally started crying in class! I felt completely hopeless and devastated! I truly saw just how devastating his death would be without the gospel in my life! I realized just how much the Gospel means to me in my life, and I had this immense desire to let everyone know about the gospel! I don't want anyone to feel that death is the end! I want everyone to know just how much God loves us and that we truly can see our families again after death!

One of our new TRC investigators is named Kensey...she has read the B of M many times and even gone to BYU and church! she's prayed about the B of M multiple times and she feels that she still has no idea if it's true or not! after a few lessons with her, we have come to realize that she is comfortable where she's at in life...she says she really wants to know that the Book of Mormon is true, but what I see is that because she is perfectly fine with where she's at, she doesn't realize that she doesn't want to know that it's true as badly as she thinks she does! I want to help her so bad, but what it really comes down to is that she is going to have to realize that she really does need more in her life, and I'm not sure how I can help her do that!

Also there was a talk that we got to watch last week that is so insightful and amazing! It's called the Characters of Christ, by Elder Bednar. Find it and watch it or read it! It will change your life!

We also had a Devotional where the BYU Men's choir came in and sang to us....they are so good! The last song they sang, they played a video with it, about Christ and his atonement and I could feel the spirit very strongly!

I got my flight plans last Friday! I fly out of Salt Lake and have a layover in Denver then fly to Durango...we are then driven from there to farmington!
Sister Brown at the MTC

They have some pretty amazing art work at the MTC

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