Monday, March 6, 2017

The Gospel Truly brings Joy!

Ya' ta' hey!
I love moments where a scripture or experience that you've had and forgot about or an analogy or whatever it may be comes to your head and it helps the person your teaching understand! #teachingbythespirit!

My week was wonderful! The Gospel truly brings joy! To be honest I don't remember half of what happened this week because it went by so fast, but I'll do my best to remember!

Monday night we had a lesson with Mike (a less-active). We talked about enduring to the end and really having a reason to keep going and to fight against Satan. We talked a little bit about the title of liberty. Javier (an incredible member that is helping fellow ship Mike) gave a lot of really great insights in the lesson. The spirit was definitely present and I cannot express just how much I love Mike and seeing the progression in him! I know that he's going to make it to the temple someday and he will find that lasting happiness that I know he's looking for. We actually had a second lesson with him later on in the week and we talked about the Word of Wisdom. It went really well and we built off of a great analogy that he started. Mike learns so much better when there is an analogy involved! 

Tuesday we finally saw Joe again! He became a new investigator about a month ago. He is soooo prepared by Heavenly Father. The only struggle is being able to meet with him on a regular basis. We read the first chapter in the Book of Mormon with him and the spirit felt so good during the lesson. He really opened up a lot more by the end of the lesson and asked all sorts of questions. We were able to clear up some confusion that he had from what a preacher from another church had said. I hardly know this kid, but I seriously love him so much! I wish he could see his potential!

Wednesday we saw Malachi (a less-active) who has been struggling lately. He feels like Satan is just working so hard on him. We also had a brief lesson with him on Sunday and he said he got a priesthood blessing for help and he also got his temple recommend!

We finally saw Arlo (a less-active) on Wednesday for a lesson and read the Book of Mormon with him, and just really dived in! Arlo is a deep thinker and very spiritual. We also saw him Thursday for another lesson and Sunday we had an unplanned lesson with him too! He was able to tell us his conversion story (which makes me just want to work even harder! I love conversion stories!!!) We were able to help him remember why he decided to get baptized in the first place. He said he would come to Family Home Evening tonight and church on Sunday

Wednesday night we were finally able to have Cassie's first recent-convert lesson and it went soooooooo well! She doesn't even quite realize her own conversion but through asking a lot of inspired questions we were able to recognize the point of her conversion process.

Thursday we had zone training all on Christ-like attributes and we did Family History with Cassie! We are trying to help her find a name to take to the temple for the temple trip that the Young Single Adults have this up-coming Saturday! She was getting really into it!

Saturday we had our volley-ball tournament that we've been planning for a while. We had a great turnout! There ended up being a whole team of non-members and the other teams had a few less-actives and/or some non-members. There ended up being about 7 or 8 non-members. None of them accepted an invitation to learn about the church but the team of non-members won and the prize is a BBQ dinner put on by our branch mission leader and of course we are going to go and share a little message!

Then to top off the incredible week, yesterday was Fast-Sunday! Seriously my favorite! Call me crazy, but I love fasting and fast-Sundays!

I love you all so very much! Never forget who you truly are! Have a wonderful week!
Shidasha Debelchee (Sister Brown)

We sticky-note attacked Antonio's door!...Surprise him with inspiration and love!

   Grumbling Gretchen has been quite annoying from friday 
and on this week!....our fridge's moter (we think anyway) has
been making really loud  annoying noises and we think
that its about to die.
Kammie and some other members made us t-shirts for the
Volley-ball tournament! Haha...inside jokes are the best!

Back of shirt

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