Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Daily Miracles!

Ya' te' hey!
My week was soooo good and flew by, but at the same time it seems like the things that happened this week were ages ago!....mission time is weird.

The Branch fast is going great! We've been seeing little miracles every single day and this past Sunday the sign up sheet got completely filled! My fast is going pretty well. A lot of the things on my list I've already improved on and so its been great!

This week we were finally able to see Manuel. He's still trying to pick himself up after all that's been going on in his life.

We had exchanges this week and I got to be in Kirtland (no...not Ohio) for a day with Sister Elwood. Unfortunately that means that I missed institute and meeting with Austin. That was our last lesson with him because he's going back to Albuquerque, he did give us a referral though! :)

Thursday night we had dinner with our branch mission leader (we found out latter that he got engaged to his girlfriend a few days after) #YSAproblems.

Friday we were finally able to see Joe again, we didn't have time for a full on lesson but we were at least able to re-schedule and talk to him after what seems like forever! 

Saturday was kinda funny, we were doing some tracting and found out that where we were tracting is where our district leader and his companions live...haha. Later that night we were trying some people in the 3rd ward area (the area of the AP's who are the other elders that are in our district) and we ran into them. To make it even funnier, we were knocking on the same floor of these apartment complexes, just on the other end. After no one answered we went on to try someone else in the next apt complex over. The next thing we know the elders are right behind us once again trying someone on the same floor just on opposite ends! Haha #StalkingTheDistric all day Saturday! The Young Single Adults is definitely a different experience considering everyone else's area is also our own.

Yesterday we had dinner with Kammie! We had taco soup and it was delicious! and we were able to have a lesson with Thomeson! He opened up a lot more this time and he is going to work towards the temple! :)

I hope you all have the most wonderful week!
Sister Brown

On Exchange with Sister Elwood.

         Fun awkward hugs after companion prayers are the best!

Daily Miracle #'s (Hashtags)
A little background on this: I think it was Monday night, as we were saying companionship prayers the idea popped in my head that we should text a daily miracle to the district leader with a # or two. Well, We decided to make it a daily thing and now they text one back and the other Elders in our district text the district leader too and then he forwards the miracles to us! We really liked a lot of the #'s so we decided to make a wall with the daily #'s! It helps us recognize Heavenly Father's hand in our day and helps us become more unified as well! I love it!

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