Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Never forget the love that the Lord has for you! Trust him and he will make more out of you than you can out of yourself!

Ya' ta' hey!
Tuesday was a doughnut day! We were able to see Nichole (a less-active) and afterwards Betsey (a member who came to the lesson with us) gave us a box of doughnut holes. We did some service later on that day and the people gave us a doughnut after. Then later on that evening we get a text from the elders asking us if we want a dozen donuts! We told them that it was a lot and they proceeded to give us 2 dozen donuts!!! We only each ate one and then gave a bunch of them to the Young Single Adults.

Wednesday we were able to finally see Craig and set up an appointment with him. He proceeded to tell childhood stories though and we got to know him a little bit better! He cracks me up! We were able to have dinner with Emmery and Antonio that night. Antonio is doing pretty well! he got the priesthood a few weeks back!  I think he's struggling a little though, so I've been keeping him in my prayers!

Thursday I gave a training on moving from sacrifice to consecration and I like to think that it went pretty well! We saw Chelsie that night for a lesson.  We just ended up reading the scriptures with her because she hadn't done it all week! :/

Friday we saw Precious finally! Poor thing, she was feeling soooooo sick! We also taught seminary on Friday!

Saturday was full of service, none of which was planned, but that's the best kind! We helped Kammie and her family get their dead pine-tree into their truck so that they could get ride of it. They fed us lunch of green chilli and pepperoni pizza! yum! I am going to miss green chilli when I leave this place! :( They also gave me some Huckleberry Jam! It's from Kalispell Montana!!! I love little tender mercies like that! What a small world!
Later on that day, we also did some yard work for and with a less active named Jeff and his gran'dad. We were also able to have a lesson with them after! It was really good because we haven't seen Jeff in over a month!

Sunday Sister Thompson and I gave a talk on Charity (and how it applies in missionary work) Our talks went really well!

Robert our investigator told us that he needed a new Book of Mormon because he gave his away to someone with our and his number! Wow! He should already be baptized. We also saw Mike briefly yesterday and he is trying really hard to quit smoking. We encouraged him and helped him understand that he can do it with the Lords help!

I love the branch here soooo much! I never thought I could have such a deep love for a people I barely know! I really hope to stay another transfer, but if not, I know that its because the Lord needs me elsewhere.

Never forget the love that the Lord has for you! Trust him and he will make more out of you than you can out of yourself!
Sister Brown

We got dough nut holes from Betsey! A member of the branch!
Me and Sister Thompson

              Javier (a member) gave us some pretty cool hats!
Service for and with Kammie! Getting rid of dead Pine Trees

Service with, an for Jeff and his grand-dad

Beautiful Sun set!

Gospel of Jesus Christ Treasure map
 (the elders asked us to make one for them)
Kammie and her family gave me Huckleberry Jam from
Kalispell, Montana

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