Monday, March 13, 2017

Zone Conference!

Ya' ta' hey!
It is spring over fact I already got a little bit of a watch tan and a little bit of a sunburn too! 
This week went by soooooo fast and I feel like they just keep getting faster!
Monday we saw both Thomeson and Antonio for  a lesson. Antonio got the Aaronic priesthood a couple Sundays back. 

Tuesday we saw Maria De Los Santos (a Hispanic less active) She said she'd like to get back into coming to church! 

Wednesday we had Zone conference! It was really good! Then we were able to have a really good lesson with a less active named Van. He really opened up to us too! He said that he hasn't opened up to anyone (including other missionaries) that much for a very long time. He said he just felt like he could really trust us. He felt like we really cared about him and weren't trying to hide anything.

Thursday we had interviews with President Adams which went really well! We also had dinner with Craig a less active and he's been juggling between deciding to serve a mission or go to the military. He said he just feels good about both after he's been praying about it. Well we had a really spirit-filled lesson where he realized that he knows he needs to serve a mission, but he just isn't sure if he's ready to and so he feels very conflicted. His life-long friend Aaron (who is a member of the branch and just got home from his own mission about a week ago) was really good for him in that lesson! 

Thursday night we sticky-note attacked the Gardner's (Bro.Gardner is one of the counselors in the branch presidency) with little notes of appreciation and scriptures and what-not! 

Friday night we had a little missionary fireside about the Plan of Salvation. It was a musical performance and our zone sang the song"Come unto Christ." Well before the performance we decided to invite everyone we could to it by going through every single contact in our phone (even ones that we didn't know....probably people that other missionaries knew or had met) One of the people that we didn't know, texted back and the way he talked to us made us think that he was a member except it turns out that he isn't! He didn't realize that we were missionaries either apparently! Haha, but he asked "what was Joseph Smith's deal anyway?" and so we asked him if we could meet up sometime and help him understand it.  He said sure! #contacteveryone!

Saturday we tried a lot of people, to no avail, until we were finally able to see Anna (a less active) and do some service and a lesson with her! That night we also sticky-note attacked the other branch presidency members! 

Cassie made it to the temple this weekend, with a family name, and she really liked it! She also said that she felt closer to her deceased ancestor when she was baptized for her, even more than the other names that she was baptized for! I am so proud of her! She is doing sooooo well! Oh and Also she found another job! She's been looking for one for a while! :)

Sunday was soooooo good! We had some really good talks given in sacrament meeting. After church we had a lesson with Robert and he told us that he knows the church is true and he wants to be baptized on April 26th! Wooooohoooo! We also had a really good lesson with Thomeson on the Atonement!

I love you all and hope you have a fabulous week!
Sister Brown

Me with Mission presidents wife and Sister Thompson

Zone Conference

Zone Conference singing "Come Unto Christ"

Sister Thompson and I

Zone Conference

Zone Conference

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