Monday, February 20, 2017

Through the hard times, you have the opportunity to be refined and turned into something better!

Ya' Ta' Hey!
My week was crazy! I always try to make my emails sound cheery and happy because you don't need to hear about all of the negative stuff, plus who wants to remember them anyway. People always make missions sound like they are nothing but fun and success. Can I just be real for a second...Life is hard, It's not always fun and happy, its full of trials, ups and downs. My week was hard, but I am grateful for it! Through a mission, through the hard times, you have the opportunity to be refined, polished and turned into something better. Life isn't always happy or easy, even with the gospel, but it is always worth it!  When you turn everything over to God, and I mean everything: your wants, wishes and desires, the good as well as the bad, You begin to truly see outside yourself and look at the greater picture. Heavenly Father knows what is best, even when we don't. When you truly love your Father in Heaven more than anything or anyone else, you begin to truly see what is important...his will and not yours! 
I won't go into details of my hardships, because that's not what's important, the important things are the growth that has been made and the over all outcome and refinement of it all!

Know that I am soooo grateful for a Father in Heaven who cares! I truly love him more than life! I am so Grateful for the priesthood and for worthy men who hold it. To you worthy priesthood holders: Thank you, I mean really thank you for being worthy of God's power, to bless the lives of others! 

Miracles still happen! God lives and he cares, truly cares about each and every person! Trust him, rely on him and he will make you more than you can ever make of yourself!

Our branch started a 40 day fast for missionary work (a different branch member fasts for one day, for 40 consecutive days) and it will be over the Friday before General Conference. Sister Thompson and I decided to also do our own 40 day fasts, but not from food instead it will be from things that poke at the spirit. There are sure to be miracles this transfer, not only with-in missionary work, but with-in ourselves as well! I am excited to see where the Lord takes us!

I love you all so very much! Have a wonderful week!
Sister Brown

Sister Thompson, Cassie's Baptism, Sister Brown
Made Breakfast for my companion.

Gave Kammie a smoothie and cookies

Washed dishes for this family
We painted prayer rocks.

We helped carry in dinner with some members. 

Sister Thompson made my bed.

Sister Thompson made me a Planner cover.

We gave Cassie cookies

Mission Tour with Elder Arnold. I am 3rd person on the left 2nd row up.

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