Friday, December 23, 2016

Pray to have Charity!

Ya' te' hey!
We did a little caroling this week! It was a lot of fun! We are also going to be doing some caroling as a district on Christmas Eve! This week went by sooo fast! wow! I can't believe Christmas is already almost here! 

This week we had our second to last lesson with Daniel, then he will no longer be a recent convert! I'm sad that we will no longer get to teach him, but honestly he doesn't really need it anymore. It seems like he's been a member his whole life!

Tuesday was a lot of fun! We had a breakthrough lesson with Roman where he told us why he is not really doing anything about the things he knows to be true! We tried our best to resolve his concern and it turns out that it helped because he finally came to church this Sunday!

Tuesday night as a part of institute we had a white-elephant gift exchange and I got a really fuzzy blanket from it. I originally had the coolest Charlie Brown Christmas sweater, but it got stolen (that's just how the game goes). After it we had a short lesson with Antonio and Joseph (a member who works with him and brought a non-member Friend who also works with them) she also joined in on the lesson. It was super cool because before the lesson she seemed uninterested but after the lesson I felt prompted to ask her if she would like to learn more and she said yes! She Has already had 2 more lessons with us (on Friday and Saturday) and is on date for Feb 11th to be baptized!!!

Wednesday we finally were able to see Precious! She's still doing pretty good, but her work just keeps getting in the way! We also Saw Mike (a less-active convert) and we were able to really understand what his main concern is! Basically it's forgiveness.

Thursday we had a fantastic district meeting! Sister Ford gave a great training on Charity and committed us to pray for it with every personal and companion prayer! It has been so good! It really helps us to realize that this is about them and not us! We also saw a less-active named Craig who decided that he wants to stop fighting Heavenly Father and just do what his will is! He is super solid! That never happens!

Friday we were able to see Precious again! We also saw Jeff a Less Active and he was so excited to show us his fish! That kid cracks me up! He was a fisherman for a number of years and just loves fish! He has a fish tank with real ocean plants and fish and a shrimp who he hadn't named so I named it Bubba-gump!

Saturday we had dinner with Antonio and Emmery! Kammie, Joseph and Cassie all came too and it was soooo much fun! We were confusing each-other with riddles the whole time and just cracking up! We had a lesson on Tithing after it with Antonio, which went really well.

Sunday, We had a fantastic sacrament meeting! The temple president and stake president came! That temple president is going to be a general authority I swear! The spirit was so strong! We were supposed to have a lesson with Christopher after church but he decided to go to Albuquerque instead! :(
We had dinner with the Farley's (our branch pres. and family) which was a lot of fun. They gave us presents too! It took me by surprise, but I was very thankful!

Sister Brown

Only in YSA, do you find these kinds of door mattes! lol!

Sister Brown recreating a picture from her childhood.

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