Monday, December 19, 2016

Lots of New Investigators

Ya' teh' hey!
Sister Ford and I are singing in sacrament on Christmas Sunday, so we've been practicing "Mary's Lullaby" a little. 
This week has been great and soooooo fast as usual!

Monday we had to get an oil change and ended up using 2 hours of our preparation day in the mission office waiting for it to be done. We were able to help with some stuff in the mission office and I ended up getting a free coat and pair of boots from there. We were going to go buy me a heavier coat (because believe it or not it does get cold down here. Mostly its because of the wind which cuts right through you!) We were talking about how we still needed to go do that and Elder Lowe (the vehicle coordinator) says "have you looked downstairs?"  We were confused and basically come to find out, they have a stash of coats and boots that other missionaries have left as they go home, that are up for grabs. 

Tuesday we had exchanges with the missionaries in Aztec, so I took over the Area in a day again. We knocked doors quite a bit that day and ran into this drunk Navajo lady who turned out to be less active. We had a little lesson with her and called her in as a less active referral for the 3rd ward Elders (the AP's) since she is not a Young Single Adult. She really wants to turn her life around though!

Wednesday I was in Aztec for my exchange with Sister Brennan (who goes home at the end of this transfer with my trainer). She is super cool! She LOVES Star Wars too and we had a blast taking pictures in our Star Wars 
onesies! Wednesday night after our exchange we got to teach Antonio all about the law of chastity and Word of Wisdom...He has no problems with it....seriously, he is so stinking GOLDEN! That night we also picked up a new investigator (she is a former investigator that other missionaries were teaching)...She's not looking to convert, but she said that we could come finish the Book of Mormon with her. We both felt prompted to go there so who knows, maybe her heart will be softened from finishing the Book of Mormon with her (all that she has left is Moroni).
Thursday we dropped Riley. (This was one of those mission Heartbreaks!) Wow, I care about that kid so much, but he doesn't care as much as he should and won't do his part, so there really isn't anything else we can do for him....Heavenly Father has been reaching out his hand, Its just up to Riley to grab hold. 

We also got yet another new investigator Thursday night!!!! His name is Keith. He is kinda hard to catch though because he works A LOT and when he is home he likes to get to bed so that he can get up early the next day.

Friday not a whole lot happened except weekly planning and trying people.

Saturday we got ANOTHER NEW INVESTIGATOR! Ya, you're counting right! That's 3 this week!!! His name is Bryson and we actually found him through knocking doors. We aren't sure how promising he really is, but we can hope! 

We got permission from President to go to "The Messiah" a musical performance and we invited Antonio and his Girlfriend to come with. It was really good.

Then Sunday we of course had church. We finally had a lesson with Christopher! (He's our atheist investigator) and we were finally able to convince him to pray....essentially Sister Ford told him "Christopher! If you honestly believe that God is not there, then what harm is praying going to do!?" That really made him think and he said "ok, tell you what....lets set up another appointment for next Sunday and I'll pray every other day this week and read my scriptures, and we'll see what happens" Woohoo! The spirit Most definitely prompted that one because we were bearing testimony and sharing personal experiences and It just wasn't going anywhere! We are super excited to see him next week and hear all about it!

Love ya! have a great week
Sister Brown
Star wars is the best!

Sister Brennan and I in our star wars onesies.

Daniel pretended to pull us over.

Sister Brown and Riley

The Messiah

At the Messiah

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