Monday, July 11, 2016


This week was great! We helped decorate a cake with the Waddlingtons for Antonio's Baptism on Monday ! We got to watch the fireworks from our home after planning! They brought back some old memories! Then Tuesday we had Antonio's baptism! He was soooooo happy!

We had Zone Conference on Wednesday! Which, Oh My Goodness, was so good! Every Zone Conference there is a vehicle competition to see who has been taking care of their vehicle the best and who's is the most clean and whatnot....Sister Cardon and I won!!!! We had a perfect score! 

The spirit at zone Conference was so strong! Especially when the departing missionaries gave their testimonies! One of the AP's bore their testimony and one thing he said hit me so hard! I loved it! He said: "My only regret is that I got to serve my Savior and Redeemer with all of my heart for only 2 years!"

We also visited a 99 year old widow (as a service bishop asked us to every week) and she is the sweetest lady! She's teaching us how to crochet!

Deb is sooooooo ready for baptism but she has just one concern that is holding her back (I know she'll get past it though) she wants to be sealed to her kids but her husband that she is currently separated from wants nothing to do with the church so that creates a problem! She said whats the point if I won't be able to be with my kids in eternity? We are currently working on that one with her!

Frank and Kim Chee are getting baptized!!!!!!! They have been praying about it and finally decided it's time! (we've been praying and fasting for it too!)
We also re-put Nichole and Bernell on date for marriage and baptism for August 30th (yes they want to be married and baptized on the same day!)

This week has been really good! A lot of hard work and exact obedience, but I wouldn't have it any other way!
I know with all my heart that this Gospel is true! I have decided to live for it! I could die for it and that would be easy, but I don't want the easy road, Christ needs people to live for it!!! I love the Book of Mormon soooooo much! I know that it is true and that Joseph Smith was truly a man inspired and called by God to bring forth the restoration! I know that God loves me and each and everyone of his Children! I know that if I was the only one in the whole universe to make mistakes that he still would have died just for me! I have such a testimony of prayer! I know without a shadow of a doubt that heavenly father hears and answers prayers! I know that he is a God of miracles! We can access the powers of heaven as we are exactly obedient and submit our will to his! I love my savior and redeemer, and I know that I have but little to give in return and that's why I choose to give my all...because my all is the most I can give to him in return! I know that families can be together forever! I am so grateful for that knowledge as well! I wish I had time to share more of my testimony with you.


Gamalee Brown

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