Monday, July 18, 2016

Transfer week and I'm Staying in Gallup! But with a New companion!

Yat-teh-hey Hoogan haz'anigii! (hello family)
I am staying in Gallup and sadly Sister Cardon is leaving! My new companion is Sister Hillum who I've been on exchanges with a couple times and she's great so I think we'll get along just fine!!! Actually its kinda funny sister Hillum is coming from St. Michel's and Sister Cardon is going to St. Michel's so essentially they are just switching places! 

I forgot to mention last week that sister Cardon and I taught Young Men's on Sunday and it was a blast! We did a little role-play with them and it was a lot of fun!

This week has been crazy! (in a good way!)  We finally were able to have a lesson with Belinda (who we met my first week here...then haven't really been able to get a hold of too much because she works a lot!) The lesson went really well! She read the pamphlet that we left with her last time and she understands that baptism is a very serious thing and we were able to help her understand that we truly are there for her...too walk her through it all...and that we won't and don't want to force her into anything; however, we know that this will bring her and her family the most happiness!

We also were finally able to get in with the Rangers (a family we have also been trying to see...but were never home) and we finally were able to catch them! Violet a little nine year old in that family paraded us all around her neighborhood introducing us to all of her friends' parents (after there lesson of course)! It was one of the funniest, cutest things ever! Also somewhat effective too! We have a few potentials now!

We've also recently been trying to get to know the ward members better by having a lesson with them every once in a while (other than dinner appointments) It's proven very effective! We've gotten more referrals and member involvement in general and we love it!

On Friday we were going to have a lesson with Bernell and Nichole but they cancelled on us (which NEVER happens with them!) and we had brought out one of the youth with us too, but Because of it we were able to try a few other people and get a hold of a former investigator that we've been trying for ages now and if Bernell and Nichole hadn't cancelled on us then we wouldn't have gotten a hold of them that night!
We had a lesson with just Nichole the night after and she is soooooo ready for baptism!!!! she completely opened up to us and she is so excited to be baptized in August! We also got a call from Deb and she said she had gotten a priesthood blessing and said "I know it's true! The lord will make sure I can be with my boys...he'll make it all work out! I just want to be baptized already! I know its all true!" Oh my goodness that seriously made my day!!!!

This week we found 6 new investigators!!! Two of which we were not expecting whatsoever! ...a member brought a friend to church yesterday and he and his little sister had all sorts of questions! We taught them a little and gave them each a Book of Mormon and set up a return appointment with them! they are soooo interested too!

Oh we also had a lesson with the Chee's and durring the week they had built a temple out of legos! it was legit, and awesome to see that the temple is at the for-front of their minds! Oh also Saturday night as we were waiting for the call about transfers Sister Cardon pulled a prank on me and played our ringtone while I was in the bathroom! I rushed out of there to hear the news just to find out that she was messing around with me! she was rolling on the floor laughing!
We got matching shirts
Our district except the Zone Leaders

The Chee Family

One of the sweet sisters we visit with Sister Cardon
Sun glasses are now approved.

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