Thursday, May 18, 2017

Ya' ta' hey!

The best way to live life is living and sharing the gospel, while having fun and laughing lots! That's one thing I am incredibly grateful for with my mission, is that I've learned how to better just be myself with everyone and how to be serious at times but also how to and when to have fun! Heavenly Father knew that I needed my mission not just for others but also for me!

Tuesday we saw Rhonda (a Less Active) and she told us a lot more information about her past, and Wow...I never realized how much that poor woman had been through! I feel like we can really help her progress more now though, because we can really tailor the lessons to her specific needs! We also saw Shay and Sienna (some recent converts) that night and they are still doing fantastic!

Wednesday we started doing "My Plan" for Sister Garner (our mission is a pilot mission for it. Basically it is a program to help missionaries who are in their last transfer to set goals and make plans to help them continue growing when they get home.) We also went to Community Connections and sang, which is always a highlight of my week! We saw Robert Venagas (a less active) and talked about the Plan of Salvation with him. It went really well and the spirit was really strong! We invited him to come to church and he was hesitant at first but he finally decided that he would come! And he came!!! (only for sacrament meeting, but it's a step!!!) We also saw Jerry that night and read Pres. Monson's most recent talk about the Book of Mormon and talked about how important it is to read every single day!

Thursday we had district meeting and also did family history work! We got a new investigator named Kay and she seems to have  A-LOT of potential! She came to church yesterday too! (She got the times mixed up and went to the wrong ward, but she came regardless!). We also got to go to institute that night and it was really, really good!

Friday we helped clean a less-active members house that they just moved into and it was actually a lot of fun! 

Saturday we had a lot of fun heart-attacking people's doors who we feel have made a difference in our life and in a way are like a mother to us! We heart-attacked our new investigators door too and she said that she'd been throwing herself a pity-party and that it made her day when she saw it! I told you over skype what happened with Maty! haha....oh no!!! We got caught!!! After the adventures with trying to heart-attack the senior couple's door, we went to the Chavez's for dinner.

Sunday we had church of course and the talks that were given were wonderful and whether you're a mom or not they made you feel good about simply being a woman. We saw Robert Venegas again for a lesson yesterday and it went really well! 
After Skyping with you wonderful people, we had dinner with the Cooks and saw Doris after that! Doris is sooo cute! I love her!
I hope you all have a fabulous week! Remember you're purpose here, and who you truly are! We all often forget that! 
I love you!
Sister Brown

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