Monday, May 1, 2017

"The Two best Missionaries!"

Ya' ta' hey!
This week has been pretty exciting for me! 
Monday night we met the sweetest less-active man named Robert. He opened up to us A-LOT as we were talking to him. 

Tuesday we helped a less-active family pack up their kitchen since they will be moving soon. We also saw the Bells  (another less-active family) and introduced the senior couple here to them. We saw Doris and showed her the Easter video again since she didn't remember it and we didn't have a ton of time, but we had a great lesson from it! We saw Jerry (a less active) and his wife Marty (who isn't a member). The first time we met her she seemed a little closed-minded and seemed to just listen in to be polite, but this time she participated in the lesson and later on in the week we found out from Jerry that she was at least looking at the Book of Mormon and possibly read a little! They are seriously THE CUTEST couple ever! I love them sooooo much! We also saw Tanner (a recent convert) that night and he taught us the Gospel of Jesus Christ and it went really well! Tuesday we also had Sister Hillam with us for the day. It was fun to get to work with her again for the day.

Wednesday we saw Nichelle and Brandyn and talked about the word of wisdom very briefly, because they were just sitting down to dinner, but they set up an appointment for the next day where we went into greater depth on the word of wisdom. We also saw Joel and Austin Wednesday night and Joel is not interested in applying anything right now, but Austin still seems to have a-lot of potential! We are trying to figure out how we can teach them separately. (We feel that Austin might not want to without Joel, but Joel is really just holding him back as we meet with them both) :/

Thursday we had a MIRACLE day!!! We put sticky-notes with scriptures and quotes on them on Jerry and Marty's door, but their dogs kept barking at us and Jerry ended up opening the door! WE GOT CAUGHT! haha...We had a good laugh and that's when we found out that Marty was at least looking at the Book of Mormon! We also saw Katy and Mark that day and Mark asked a TON of good questions...a lot of which really made me think. We invited them to church and they said they would come (they didn't end up coming though 🙁). We also saw Doris again and we talked about the word of wisdom with her. The lesson went really well and at the end of the lesson SHE SAID THE PRAYER! She has never said the prayer in our lessons, no matter how hard we push her too! 

Friday we saw Randan and realized that we will need to really, really be extremely simple with him. Even more than we originally thought! We had dinner with a couple with the last name of Ertel and they took us to this delicious Thai restaurant! It was soooooo yummy!

Saturday we got to participate in the Cortez-Clean up (which is like "Clean the Fish", but for Cortez). It was pretty fun and we got free t-shirts too! 

Sunday we got to teach the combined Young Men and Young Women the importance of the first vision and it was a lot of fun! We went to the Cooks for dinner that night and they had just had some of the youth over for seminary-make up work, and one of the youth was like: "those are the best two missionaries right there!" It made me so happy! I seriously love the youth and Young Single Adult people! I just love everyone, but especially the youth! 
Also the Bells came to church for the 2nd time in a row!!! We are so excited that they are coming back!!!

I love you all so very much! have a great week!

Sister Brown

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