Wednesday, April 19, 2017

A Quite Humbling week!

Ya' ta' hey!
I love the families here that are so involved with us as missionaries. I feel so at home with a lot of them and it is seriously such a tender mercy!

This week has been quite humbling! Our poor district is falling apart! Sister Garner's Grandma passed away and one of the elders in our district is in the hospital! We went to see him yesterday in the hospital and he looked like he was in so much pain! I couldn't help but cry! I wished I could just take the pain away from him! I hate standing there helpless, not being able to do anything! Both of these trials within our district has made me appreciate and love the gospel so much more! I am so glad that we know that we can be a family forever regardless of what happens and that even when we experience physical and/or emotional pain we have hope that it won't last forever because of Jesus Christ! 

Other than  all of that craziness! this week has been good! We've kept really busy! We had a lesson with Joel and Austin. They both claim to be agnostic, but are willing to listen and learn! Austin seems to be a lot more open to it and so we are excited see where it goes!

We also saw Shay and Sienna (some recent converts...I think Shay is 11 and Sienna is 9) They are both soooooo solid and stinkin adorable too!

Katy and Mark were some of our new investigators this week! They just moved from Texas and are making a lot of good changes in their lives and said they are looking for a church! We had a great first lesson with them this week and Mark asked tons of questions!

Doris still forgets everything but we got her a notebook to write down her feelings and thoughts and things that she learned so hopefully that will help.

We had dinner with a less-active family with the last name of Bell and I love them to death! They are sooooo funny! We have no idea why they are not active! They have some pretty solid testimonies as far as we can tell and they are a great family. The ward would really benefit from their family being re-activated!

We did some service for the Lambsons, doing yard work and such (making burn piles and pulling weeds).
Yesterday we had Easter Dinner with the Honakers (Not sure of the spelling) and they seem to be a very kind family!

I love you all and hope you have a fantastic week!
Sister Brown
Me and Sister Garner doing service.
Making burn piles and pulling weeds.

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